6 Horrible First Date Ideas

So we all now that “cuffin season” is creeping up around the corner. Yes, this is the time when everyone is scrambling around trying to find someone to keep them warm…during those cold winter days…and nights.

I came across a few horrible first date ideas and I just had to share them with my readers.  Winter is quickly approaching and you stay away from these scenarios…I’m sure you’ll be able to get “cuffed.”

1. Go on a double date with a couple whose been intimate for a long time.

Watching two lovebirds go at while you’re feeling yourself out with a new person is the absolute WORST. You don’t know whether to join in – or leave in disgust. Just don’t do it.

2. Meeting your parents over dinner for the first time

Why are you letting some random person meet your parents? What if she becomes a stalker? Let that idea go.

3. Extending an invitation to your family picnic or reunion

Hanging out with family is a spot reserved for someone that you’re exclusive with or close friends. You just shouldn’t bring someone that you don’t know that well around your family.

4. Asking him to participate in bungee jumping, sky diving or rock climbing too soon.

Eh. This type of risky behavior involves TRUST. Are you sure you trust this person in such an activity? Wait. You don’t even know him so you can’t possibly trust him with your life just yet!

5. Going to a restaurant that’s far too international or costly

Stop having champagne on a beer budget! Don’t have your date take you to a restaurant that you can’t afford on your own. That’s just tacky.

6. Watching a movie with sexual overtones

Do you want a potential partner or a sex buddy? Yeah. That speaks for itself.

Happy Dating!



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