Cuffin Season Is On The Way…AskDrO Prepares You

Are You Ready For Winter Time Cold?

As the ladies pack up their shorts, swim suits and maxi dresses, men everywhere begin to prepare for cuffin season.

Cuffin season – the period of time during the winter months that people spend time with one person exclusively –  but not necessarily defined by such titles as boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is the time of year that men and women want to have someone available as a date to the office holiday party or the winter dinner parties hosted by friends. The point is to literally lock-down a ready made boo, so you don’t have to spend valuable time scouting for mate in the bitter cold.

Let’s face it, nobody want’s to spend a wintery evening alone. It’s better to have someone there to get you through the storm. The days are shorter and the nights are longer, please act accordingly.

Fall officially starts September 23 and that’s the day that it’s officially time to prepare for your winter boo.

ol’ Dirty Dennis has complied a calendar to help you become prepared.

If you’re not into the whole seasonal boo thing don’t worry.

Keep checking back with me, I’ll have the top ten signs of a “cuffer” coming up next. Just in case you need to bow out gracefully on the guy you though could be “the one.”

What do you think about the calendar?

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