7 Signs You’re STILL Not Over Your Ex…

Are you holding on to something that’s lost?

Kesha met Marcus. They fell in love. Things were great for awhile, until they weren’t. They try to work it out but eventually….Kesha and Marcus break-up. Marcus tries to move on with his life but Kesha is still holding on to the now defunct relationship.

Does this sound familiar?

Oftentimes, people find themselves having trouble letting go of significant experiences in their lives. The end of a relationship does carry a mourning period but when does it reach a point of becoming unhealthy?

7 Signs You’re Still Not Over Your Ex

1. You keep old relationship keepsakes. 

Why are you holding on to old photos and replaying your songs? Holding on to the memorabilia is not going to bring him back.

2. You’re always reminiscing about that one time.

Do you find yourself always inserting a story about that time “she did this or that?” I’m sorry brotha but you’ve got to let go!

3. You find random reasons to have interactions with them on social networks.

Do you like his new Facebook status or find yourself retweeting her on Twitter? The first step is recognizing that you have a PROBLEM. Un-friending an ex is an excellent way to move on.

4. You stalk their Facebook/Twitter profiles.

This is different from the above sign..because this is done in secret. If you’re spending several hours a day checking his Twitter updates or her new Facebook pictures…Houston we have a problem!

5. You compare every potential boo…to the ex.

Did you meet a beautiful woman and take her out…only to find yourself comparing the way she does things to your ex? NEWSFLASH…she’s not your ex…give HER a chance.

6. You’re still sleeping together.

This just speaks for itself. You can’t allow yourself to get over someone if you’re still sleeping together. No matter how much people try…sex your ex does illicit some type of emotional connection.

7. You keep telling people you’re on a break.

Are you in DENIAL? Why are you still holding on to a dream? Some checks aren’t met to be cashed.

Take it from Lauryn…..”This is crazy.”

Do you have any signs that you can add to the list?

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