Rihanna Gets In Trouble With London Strippers….

Seems like Rihanna should have been singing “come here rude girl.” The star was in London recently with ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp, and couldn’t keep her hands off of the exotic dancers.

The pop superstar, 23, could not keep her hands off the topless performers — and even thrust her HEAD between one of the women’s legs.

It needled the doormen at Stringfellows in London where Rihanna had gone with baseball star Matt Kemp, 27, and the rest of her entourage.

A source said yesterday: “Rihanna couldn’t resist paying for a dance and loved watching the girls in action.

“Bouncers weren’t happy as she was repeatedly touching them, ignoring all warnings.

“At one point she thrust her head between the legs of one of the dancers.”

Rihanna has always been an edgy artist who’s pushed the limits..but how far is she willing to go? Sounds like she had quite a time at that London strip club.


Do you think Rihanna enjoys women?

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