Trial Marriages? 2-Year Marriage License Considered In Mexico

QOTD: Should Marriage Licenses Be Able To Expire?

Can you test drive parenthood? You know get a baby try it for a year or two , then say sike-naw I was just playingggg?

No. You just can’t do that, unless you had the “real” baby they gave you in home-economics that most of you probably failed anyway. But I digress.

Mexico City, one of the first Latin American citites to legalize gay marriage, is now proposing temporary marriages.

Yes, it’s no longer about just test-driving cars, you can now try on a marriage with the love of your life…to see if it works for you.

Say goodbye to  ’till death to us part,’ in Mexico City you can stay married for two years without penalty.

However, if your soul mate bugs you before the two year trial is up – suck it up because you’d have to go through regular divorce proceedings.

Half of all marriages in Mexico City end in divorce – usually after two years.

“Two years is the minimum amount of time it takes to know and appreciate what life is like as a couple,” Lizbeth Rosas, who is spearheading the proposed legislation on behalf of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, said to BBC Mundo in Spanish.

“If you renew, that means you have an understanding with your partner, and that you are clear on the rules of the relationship.”

If the marriage is unhappy or unstable, the contract — which would include clauses on custody rights and the division of property — could be dissolved without what proponents refer to as cumbersome paperwork that hurts families.

The proposal has sparked a fiery debate among conservative politicians in Mexico city, which is more liberal than the rest of the country, because they failed to prevent gay and lesbian couples from getting marriage licenses.

Defenders of “traditional marriage” are now decrying the idea of “renewable” vows, or what some Spanish media outlets called expiry-date marriages.

Liberal Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who angered the Catholic Church when he made Mexico City the first Latin American city to legalize gay marriage in late 2009, announced this month he would soon step down to run for president. Mexico has the second largest Catholic population in the world – after Brazil.

If Mexico City allows people to “try on” marriage like they do a pair of shoes, without any repercussions – I’m sure many of the people will give up after the allotted trial period.

Marriage is NOT easy and it does take WORK. If you’re not willing to try and create a life partnership – than maybe you should jam to your favorite singles anthem…FOREVER.

In this day and age what exactly does a marriage mean to you?


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