7 Tips To Avoid Stressing Out On Thanksgiving

I’m counting down the days until it’s almost my favorite time of the year again, Thanksgiving. A time to rejoice with family and friends, as we break bread on an excellent feast prepared with loving hands.

Watching the game, spending time with the kids, listening to an elder, reuniting with long-lost friends are all great ways to spend the day. However, anytime a holiday comes along, it offers a reason to become stressed.

I don’t want you having a panic attack or make this holiday into an ordeal, let’s work on making the day enjoyable for everyone, host included.

Seven Tips To Avoid Stressing on Thanksgiving

1. Relax this weekend.

Next week will be go-go-go…so don’t overwhelm yourself by doing too much this weekend. Relax, have a glass of wine and kick your feet up.

2. Hit the gym.

Working out releases stress and it won’t help to get ready for those extra calories you’re going to add on next Thursday.

3. Try to let old grudges go.

Nothing is worse than hearing a family bicker on Thanksgiving. Try to be cordial to family members that you’re beefing with; if anything use this as a time to work out your differences.

4. Consider a Potluck

Don’t try to cook EVERYTHING yourself. That’s just absurd. Open your mouth and tell cousin Ray-Ray to bring the collards this year and have Aunt Thelma make the sweet potato pies. You’ll thank me later.

5. Have a plan.

Having a plan helps to stay on task. You shouldn’t try to plan an event without knowing exactly what you need to accomplish. Write it out and stick to it.

6. Ask for help.

Once everyone’s ready to chow down – ask the kids to set the table, have the uncles bring out the trays and have people designated to help clean.

7. Use coupons.

In today’s economy I can’t stress enough how important EVERY dollar is. Clip those coupons and I’m sure you’ll exhale at the grocery checkout line.

Any more ideas to keep the stress level low on this holiday? Comment!

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