Man Claims His Ex-GF Stole His Sperm To Conceive Twins

Joseph Pressil

He’s Now Fighting For Custody of His Boys

Joseph Pressil met his now ex-gf in Miami and it was love at first sight. He eventually moved to Texas with the former exotic dancer and even added her to his insurance plan.

They broke up about six months later and three months after that…she told him she was pregnant – with TWINS.

He was ordered to pay $800 a month in child support and didn’t question the conception – until he received a letter from a fertility clinic.

The letter was about sperm cryoperservation and after paying a visit to the clinic; he alleges that his signature was forged on fertility clinic documents and he never consented to his sperm being used for in vitro fertilization.

Pressil describes her strange sex routine:

“At the time she was giving me these condoms, and she said because of her fibroids these condoms were not lubricated, and would not affect the fibroid enlargement,” he explained. “Every time she would give me these condoms after the sex she would leave the room. She’d come back, give me something to drink. We always had sex in the morning and she’d say she had to go do something. She would leave about 10 or 15 minutes afterward.”

The ex-girlfriend’s lawyer, Derek Deyon, told that Pressil filed the lawsuit to avoid paying child support, and that his client denied ever taking semen from a used condom.

Prissel is also suing for full custody of his now four-year-old sons.

This is just too much! Some women will do anything to hold on to a man…


Whose side of the story do you believe?

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