QOTD: Would Your Relationship End After Giving Up Internet Passwords?

Divorcing Couple Forced To Hand Over Log In Information

Twitter. Facebook. Tumblr. LinkedIn. Hey, maybe some of you are still lurking around on Myspace with me.

The point is – most people use some form of a social network to stay connected. Whether it’s for business networking or seeing what your friends are up to, face it you’re online.

Social media can be a gift….or a curse to a relationship. You can see many things that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

For example:

  • Your “boo” flirting with someone you don’t know through their Twitter @ replies
  • Or tagged Facebook pictures with him sitting extremely close to her
  • Or maybe a Twitter direct message sent from an ex-lover
  • You could even grow suspicious of one Facebook “like” too many from a known crush

Fast-forward. Now imagine if you’re married and your significant other is suspicious about their online activity.

I mean give me your Facebook AND Twitter passwords…so I know it’s REAL.

One judge took a divorcing couples social media accounts into consideration during the case.

Judge Kenneth Schluger of Connecticut ordered Stephen and Courtney Gallion to swap passwords after it became clear that information posted online would be used as artillery in the divorce and ensuing custody battle.

Apparently Courtney had been doing some online searching for a new beau through dating sites EHarmony and Match.com.

However, the judges orders may violate Facebook’s privacy agreements-

Under the Registration and Account Safety Rights and Responsibilities, users promise to “not share your password, let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.”

Yes, this couple is already divorcing but I wonder what wold have happened if the passwords were handed over earlier? Could they have survived?

We’ll just have to see how this thing pans out. But I know one thing’s for sure…if I’m suspicious of your online interaction and you won’t produce a password, then it’s time for me to packitup.

Have you ever been suspicious of your significant others’ online activity?

How did you resolve your suspicions?

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