7 Don’ts At The Office Holiday Party

Office parties are amazing. I mean you look forward to this day of free food, drinks and gifts all year. However, just because this is the time of year to spread cheer – don’t lose all your marbles. This is still a work-related event and you should treat it as such.

There are some precautions to take while at holiday parties, so that come Monday you still have a job.

Office Holiday Party Don’ts

1. Drink Too Much

It may seem like a good idea to throw back the free drinks available at the party, but remember these people are NOT your friends. You wouldn’t want to regret doing anything while you’re inebriated at the party.

2. Bring An Outrageous Guest

Don’t bring anyone who will embarrass you. Your guest should also use the same rules that apply to you. You’ll regret it later if your favorite homegirl flirts with your boss and takes him home.

3. Stay Away From The Mistletoe

Don’t go there. Just don’t do it. Mistletoe is an excuse for everyone who thinks you’re hot, to have an opportunity to kiss you. Don’t make it awkward in the office so just stay away.

4. Use Social Networks

Tweeting about how much fun you’re having, praising the free drinks and uploading Facebook pictures is just inappropriate. Keep the party…in the office.

5. Inappropriate Jokes

Once again, these people are not your friends and it’s not okay to let your hair down. Telling an inappropriate joke may offend someone and may land you in hot water.

6. Dress Sleazy

Although you’re at an office party, you’re still on the clock. Now, is not the time to pull out your freakem dress, leave that for the nights out with the girls.

7. Go Home With Your Co-Worker

Can you say awkward turtle? Getting involved with a co-worker the night of the office party is just asking for trouble. Keep your sense in tact and go home, alone.

Most of these tips will be pretty easy to follow if you’re in your right mind, so stick to rule #1 and you’ll be fine.

Do you have any other tips to add?

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