Florida Governor Wants FAMU President Suspended

Florida Governor Rick Scott

The FAMU saga just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is calling for Florida A&M University President James Ammons to step down.

“I think it is in the president’s best interest and the school best interest that he step aside,” Scott told reporters as he arrived at Tallahassee Regional Airport. But he said he told Ammons he didn’t think he needed to resign until the investigations into the death of drum major Robert Champion and the FAMU band’s finances are finished.

President James Ammons responded with:

“This is a very critical time in the life of FAMU considering the circumstances surrounding the Robert Champion incident.  All involved must do what is in the best interest of the university because there are many students, families, faculty and staff depending on us to make the right decisions about how FAMU will continue to carry out its mission.  During my tenure as president, we have had many significant accomplishments.  I’m sure that this investigation will determine that under my leadership, the administration acted appropriately.  I serve at the pleasure of the FAMU Board of Trustees and I will abide by whatever decision the Board reaches.”

The FAMU Board of Trustees voted last week to publicily reprimand Ammons, but they’ve also responded to the governor’s plea.

Chair, Dr. Solomon L. Badger,
 III had this to say:

“I have received a communication from the Governor, but I have not met with or discussed this matter with the Board.  This is a very difficult decision that we are facing. We have supported President Ammons leadership even through this crisis.  I want to discuss the Governor’s request with members of the FAMU Board of Trustees.  We will make a decision about how we move forward on Monday.”

I’m hoping that the board can reach some kind of deal with Ammons. It’s disheartnening that his legacy is being tainted with this hazing scandal. I’m also hoping that there’s some justice for Robert Champion’s family.

Should the president step down?


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