Top 8 Stories of 2011 On AskDrO

Stanley Thorton, the 29-year-old baby.

As 2011 comes to a close I wanted to share some of the top stories from this past year with you – in case you missed it. Our readers found the following stories to be the most hot on AskDrO this year.

1. Bishop Eddie Long scandal update

2. Two Little Girls Send a Message To Lil’ Wayne

3. 29-Year-Old Man Lives As A Baby

4. Bishop Jonathan Alvarado Faces Abuse Allegations 

Bishop Eddie Long

5. Phaedra Parks Gets A Failing Grade In Motherhood

6. Is Your Derriere A Deterrent To Your Mate?

7. Did Will & Jada Break Up?

8.¬† Meet Bishop Eddie Long’s Fifth Accuser

What was your favorite story on AskDrO this year?

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