6 Signs Your Spouse May Be Looking For An Exit

It’s a new year let’s not spend 2012 with the blinders on. Sometimes we want a relationship so bad that we ignore what’s right in front of our eyes. I’m not going to take you to church  today, but I will tell you some signs that your spouse is giving you…to let you know they may be making an exit soon.

1. High cell phone usages

Is your lover always using their cellphone?  It may be time to smell the roses and face the facts. If you’re in a relationship there isn’t a need to be on your phone constantly.Cleyou askdro company is NOT enough. I’m just saying.

2. New interests

A sudden interest in hot yoga? Buying a new guitars, or joining a reading club? My question to you is…….who are they spending time with at these new facilities?

3. Sneaky money polices

When was the last time you’ve been wined and dined? Has your boo been sketchy with funds lately? Too broke for Ruth Chris but has enough for that new “gym” membership? Priorities are everything. Take heed.

4. New grooming rountines

Has your Cover Girl lady suddenly turned into a MAC? Does he plan on lo coking his hair? Did she go natural? Figure out the REAL reason behind this change in grooming habits….especially if it came out if the wood works!

5. Case of the ex

Have you seen his ex pop up in the Twitter mentions? Is her old flame commenting on her Facebook pictures? Why are they concerned with an ex….when they have you? #message

6. More time apart

When was the last time y’all had date night? Is he always tired or working late? Does she seem to be enjoying too many “girls night?” Listen to your heart.

Anything else you can add to the list?

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