Kobe Bryant’s Divorce Is Settled & Vanessa Gets Half

“You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.”

Rapper Drake uttered this lyric in response to Vanessa Bryant being entitled to half of Kobe Bryant’s estate, but not doing anything to make the money. The couple married in California where any wealth acquired during a marriage is considered community property and must be split with your partner.

From TMZ:

Sources connected to the couple and with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ … the property settlement agreement is signed, sealed and delivered — a done deal.

Vanessa is walking away with $75 million, which we’re told represents close to half of their total assets, estimated at around $150 million.

TMZ previously reported several transfers of property earlier this year between Kobe and Vanessa. It turns out, based on the property settlement, Vanessa scored a clean sweep, snagging ALL THREE of the former couple’s mansions in the Newport Beach area.

That’s not even counting spousal or child support.

I’ve noticed many different reactions from people, but the consensus seems to be that Vanessa Bryant doesn’t deserve half of Kobe’s fortune.

The point that seems to be getting missed is that a marriage is a partnership. Now, Vanessa might not have been shooting hoops, BUT she was cooking, cleaning AND raising his children. At the end of the day she was the one making sure the NBA star would be able to play his best games. That has to mean something.


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