7 Things not to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner.

Matter fact, it’s less than a week away!  Many people are making those special purchases for their loved ones.  Dinner reservations are booked, hotels keys are waiting! But you?  You’re spending this Valentine’s Day alone, perhaps for the first time in quite a long time. And frankly, you have no idea what to do!  Well, here is what NOT to do:

  1. Go to a club – More than likely if you’re partying by yourself it’s a sure fire sign that you have no commitments, and no one to cuddle with.  While that’s not entirely awful, it is a bit pathetic looking.  Stay away from the party scene!
  2. Send yourself flowers/candy – If everyone knows that you’re single, there’s really no sense in trying to fool anyone.  We’ve all been there! We know what it’s like to be alone on the day devoted to love!  Love yourself enough to not do this!
  3. Go on a twitter rant about hating Valentine’s Day – Single people have this stigma of being bitter! Don’t fit that stereotype! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean Valentine’s day is a horrible, dumb, pathetic holiday.
  4. Twitter/Facebook stalk your ex – If your ex has pictures up of their new boo, that’s just going to upset you. Stay far away from social media especially if you have a persistent habit of checking on your ex.  Feelings of “why didn’t they do that for me when we were together?” are inevitable.  Fight the power!
  5. Wear grungy, black clothes as if you’re in mourning – Again, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re dying. Suck it up! Sure no one is going to send you followers this year but get over it!  The 15th will be here before you know it!!
  6. Listen to love songs that remind you of an ex – No memories of your ex. Do I need to reiterate this again?!
  7. Do anything couple-y alone – Stray from things that remind you of what you had and no longer share.  That’s not going to make you feel better.  Make a great dinner, invite some other single friends over and enjoy a great night!  Or rent an action movie that has nothing to do with love and enjoy!

– Lauren Legette

Will you be spending this Valentine’s Day alone?

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