“I Smoke Weed 2-3 times a Week…Am I a Pothead?”

AskDrO’s Substance Abuse Series I:

A lot of patients come in to ask me if the chronic use of “Marijuana”  (M J) is harmful. My answer is definitely “YES!” I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a short but intense review on the substance chemically known as Cannabis.

First off I had to go back and be re-educated because “M J” has several street names that I need to educate you on: Pot, herb weed, grass, widow, bubble gum, gangster, Mary Jane, hash, fruity juice and northern lights.  Here are just a few names that you should commit to memory. Secondly, I must remind you that it looks like a mixtures of green and gray leaves. It sorta looks like cut-up money. This illicit drug comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. It is plenteous in the land and you can just about find it on every corner in the U.S.

Most people “smoke it” but the real macs bake it in their foods or make afternoon tea. (yes, you heard me)  This is the MOST COMMON illegal drug used  in the US. They call it a “blunt” in the neighborhood! At least 1/3 of all Americans have used Cannabis at sometime in their lives. Ask your mom and dad when was the last time they’ve used?   Only a small minority of us have remained clean, but we’ve all probably got a “contact” at one time or another. (Intentional or unintentional whiff of the substance while it is being smoked by others that are in your immediate close quarters)

Let me just list the common effects of this drug:

  1. Euphoria ( a high)
  2. Anxiety (jittery)
  3. Increased Appetite (The munchies)
  4. Increased suggestibility (gullible)
  5. Distortion of time and space (clumsy)
  6. Red conjuctivae (RED EYES)
  7. Dry Mouth (thirsty)
  8. Tachycardia (fast heart beat)

Now that I have done a short review for you, let me list some warning signs that one of your family members might just be hooked on this drug;

  • A need for a lot of money and willing to do just about anything to get it
  • Signs of a low mood or what is better known as “a-motivational syndrome”
  • A lot of empty VISINE bottles in the car or in their home/apartment
  • Mouth wash in awkward places (i.e. the kitchen, bedroom, den and or car)
  • A lot of air fresheners in the home
  • Poor performance at home, work and or school
  • Volunteers to walk the dog a lot
  • Always Horny

If you answered yes, to more than five of the above-You are most likely a “POT HEAD!”

A lot of my patients feel like ain’t nothing wrong with weed. I beg to differ. Let me list some short and long-term problems with the chronic use of this drug:

Short-Term Problems                                                                         Long-Term Problems

  • Paranoid Ideation                                                                          Breathing Problems
  • Short-term memory loss                                                             Lack of Motivation
  • Problems Concentrating                                                             Decreased Sperm Count
  • Poor School and Job Performance                                         Irregular Periods
  • Poor Driving Skills (Tickets and Accidents)                        Inability to comprehend complex tasks


Finally, I would like to leave you with three signs that a person may be addicted:

Aggression, Anxiety and Relationship Problems are the culprits to look for in you mate, child or spouse.

If you or your partner or having the above difficulties,  should pick-up my e-book “Am I in A Bad Relationship?”

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Once again thanks for listening,


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