700 Pound Man Pleads For Help on YouTube:Dr.O Weighs In!

This video went viral last week on YouTube. As I watched the video a few questions came to mind;

  1. Who is continuously feeding this 23 year old man?
  2. Who were the participants in his last interventions?
  3. How can AskDrO possibly help him with this issue?
  4. What type of relationships, if any does he have at this time?
  5. Is he a victim of DEPRESSION?

I initially saw a flash of the video on aol.com of Robert Gibbs,  but I did not stop to look or listen to the featured video that had already gone viral. However, while on Radaronline.com Sunday, I noticed a blog post concerning this 23 year old man. This young man, from Livermore, California is in  trouble. I was very touched by the video but also concerned that his family has let him go this far with this health hazard. The problem here is that Gibbs appears to be an exception, but I beg to differ this will soon be the rule here in America. We have a serious problem, with obesity, here in America.

Let me begin this posts by asking you to ponder a few questions, first:

  • Is obesity or has obesity been a problem in your immediate family?
  • Are you aware of the possible complications of Obesity?
  • Does anyone in your family have heart disease or Type II Diabetes?
  • Has anyone close to you possibly died a premature death because of Obesity and or its complications?
  • Do you feel that this is a serious problem in our nation.

My Testimony

Well, just let me get a little personal on this issue. I am a Type II Diabetic  (confession time)whose blood sugars where simply out of control last summer. I have also fought obesity for about 24 years. Last summer, I was urinating all day and all night. I was constantly sending my staff for water bottles refills  during the day. It became so bad until I would almost urinate on myself when trying to get from my garage-open my house door-to the restroom http://forecast.diabetes.org/)  I was afraid to visit the doctor because I was sure I would have to start with  multiple-daily insulin injections. No this is not the end of the world, but it would have certainly changed my order of life as I knew it,  back in the Summer of 2011.

The Decision to Fight

I went to an urgent care center, not my PCP (primary care doctor) to check out my labs. I did not inform the urgent care physician there that I was also physician, I just mentioned that I was a “closet diabetic.” When he checked my labs, he sent an urgent message to my office  for me to return to discuss the lab results. The laboratory values were “astronomical!” He told me that I would be dead soon if I did not follow-up with my Internist. I decided then that the fight had to begin.

  1. I began checking my blood sugars regularly. (daily)
  2. I began walking, jogging and running as the weight loss progressed.
  3. Fish and chicken are my only acceptable meats at this time.
  4. I began eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and I left processed foods alone.
  5. I began to take my health serious.

The Results

I lost a total of 80 pounds in six months.  I did have help. I had a personal trainer, a family-mother, and weight watcher’s online.  My blood sugars are now controlled. I sleep through the night and I have a normal fluid intake. I use to wear a size 54R suit now I wear a 46R suit. I use to weigh between 286-294 pounds, Now I weigh between 213-208 pounds. It can be done. However, it took a lifestyle change.

My theories on Obesity:

I have basically three theories on Obesity at this time;

A. The Clean your plate syndrome-A lot of us were forced and subsequently learned as children that ‘we must clean our plates.’ This oftentimes means stuffing ourselves past the point when we are full. This behavior transcends into adulthood and many of us now see more and have to have more. food-that is!

b. The Poverty Syndrome-A lot of individuals are having a difficult time economically in America. As a result, when we food shop, we have to choose more processed and sometimes unhealthier foods. I would share with you it is a bit more expensive to eat right, but the life you save may just be your very own. Although resources may be limited, we must plan out meals and choose healthier food choices and maybe cut back in other areas of our lives.

c.  Emotional Eating-All of us have been guilty of doing this at one time or another. When many of us get stressed, we go straight to oral fixation rewards. Either food or drink in most instances. Food is easier and safe. No one has ever gotten a DWE-Driving While Eating citation. However you can get into a fender-bender if you not careful when eating while driving.

 Check out this video from one of my old post if you are interested, (AskDrO.Com//Child Obesity).

Now how can I (AskDrO) help Mr. Robert Gibbs:

If I had the opportunity to work along with his treatment team my role would be to help him change and maintain new behaviors. I would also confront his family about their role in his possible “food addiction.” After the appropriate work-up and laboratory studies, it would be time to maybe move Mr.Gibbs out of his present living situation to  a more restrictive environment.


1. Mr Gibbs Don’t give-up.

2. There are those of us out here that won that battle against the bulge.

3. I am just hoping that the resources in California get a copy of this video

4. And yes, I am willing to be on the team; 404-575-4785.


1. Do you think that his family should take some responsibility in his illness?

2. Do you believe that he can get out of his current situation living in the same environment?

3. Do you believe that there is a psychological component to his illness?

Thanks for listening,


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