Ain’t That A….Fantasia’s Baby Daddy Caught Coddling His Wife in Public!

Ain’t Karma a bit much. Guess what Fantasia, “What goes around–comes around.” The father of her child that she stole, Antwaun Cook, is allegedly is seeking reconciliation with his Paula Cook. Now how is that for your goose eggs. Ladies and Gentleman don’t you know that is he/she will do it to their current spouse/lover they will turn around and do it back to you. Luther Vandross said it best, “If you can’t be with one you love, then love the one you with!” You just don’t take another women’s man, Fantasia. I knew that it was coming however I did not know it would be this soon.

According to, “Antwaun is having second thoughts and is actively pursuing his estranged wife. Ain’t that a mess.

I now have to ask a couple of questions;

  1. Is it ever appropriate to date or sleep with a married man or woman?
  2. What do you do when you find yourself in a “sticky: situation with someone else’s lover?
  3. Do you believe in Karma?
  4. Is Fantasia about to get what she deserves?
  5. Do people really consider the children when they get into these type of situations?
  6. Is passion that strong that one could loose all reasoning power?

Time and time again I have to deal with this problem in my office.  In Atlanta, there seems to be an epidemic of women agreeing to be the mistress of a famous lawyer or doctor in town.  What is even worse, they attend the parties with the wives and the wives easily spot them and know exactly who they are when they enter the room.

Sleeping with someone else’s man/woman is NEVER appropriate for more than a number of reasons.  What is interesting the people that do it usually have no remorse. This is a cardinal hurt and can lead to depression and a lot of other complications in a relationship. I wonder what Fantasia will tell her young child when daddy decides to go back home this Christmas. Furthermore, we thought Fantansia was suicidal, she will probably really go over the edge once she gets the details of what went on at Club RE:Public in Charlotte.

They tell me that things got a little heated in the corner. From my understanding their was not any resistance. Sade told us in the 80s, “Love is Stronger than Pride.”

I have seen it happen time and time again when it comes to matters of the heart. They will not leave their lover. You have to remember that you are just probably something to pass the time. In book, I talk a little bit about the dreaded love triangle. Let me share a small excerpt from my book:

TRIPLE THREAT (The Love Triangle)

Many of us have fallen prey, at one time or another, to the dreaded love triangle. I am sure you are wondering what I consider to be an active “love triangle.”   Well, here is my definition: a love triangle occurs when: there is an intimate relationship knowingly or unknowingly, between three individuals, all of whom may or may not have been aware of being in a “triangle” at the time it began.

In this triangle, you may be married or in a committed relationship with someone and are cheating on your significant other; you may be the one being cheated on without even knowing about it; or you may be a single person who is either aware or unaware that your partner is already in a supposedly “committed relationship.” Some people even have sex with their married co-workers or bosses at work, which puts them at risk of being terminated due to acting inappropriately in a work environment. However, what usually happens is that when this relationship dissolves, so does the comfort level on the job.

Lust and sex can be addictive for many people. However, if you are in a serious commitment or if you stay sexually involved with someone that you know for a fact has a girlfriend/boyfriend or is married, you are putting yourself at risk for emotional, mental and possible physical pain.”

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