Allegedly Phaedra Abandons Angela Stanton On Court Date: The Saga Continues

Pictured above: Phaedra and her Atlanta “Power Criminal” Attorney Team!(B.J.Bernstein and Lin Wood)

Attorney Parks certainly retained the finest that Atlanta has to offer. However, I am NOT sure why? If you have an inside tip on this, please hit me up in my inbox.

Interestingly VIBE ( decided to break-up Angela Stanton’s interview into (3)different parts. This certainly makes sense to us bloggers. LOL This is part-two of the interview. Remember that these are NOT the views of AskDrO or VIBE, this is a tape-recorded statement from Ms. Stanton herself. After doing a little of my own research,  I discovered that Angela actually grew-up with one of my close friends who lives in Florida. She shared, “I believe Angela is telling the truth.”

Just take a look at the second-part of the video and then I will present you a few more questions to ponder.

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After seeing Part II, Might I ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you still feel that Ms. Stanton’s story is believable?
  2. Do you believe that a lawyer would leave a client out in the cold as she alleges Phaedra did to her?
  3. What disappoints you most about this whole story?
  4. Is it really fair for Angela Stanton to bring out these issues now?
  5. Does Phaedra,retaining two “high-powered” criminal attorneys, increase your curiosity in anyway
  6. Well this story, true or false, have any bearing on how you view lawyers and our criminal justice system?

The verdict is still out and in actuality there are “No Charges” against Phaedra. Moreover, in all probability it is going to most probably  very difficult to prove some of the allegations, per an attorney colleague of mine.  However, something about this story interest us, doesn’t it? Could it be the persona that Attorney Parks has given us to date or just that we look for the evil in men/women?

Here is the lesson to be learned, “Loyalty should be everything.” The bible states, “Trust No Man.” I live by this quote. People will leave you out in the cold-Ask Angela. In most instances, as we grow older, we learn to think before we act about the truths and consequences.  Sometimes people do what they have to do but know that the devil can always bounce back.

Some are a little perturbed that Angela would bring these allegations out at a time when Phaedra is “doing-so-well.” Others of you don’t really care. It has been very interesting watching the conversations, discussion boards and feedback on this issue.

Round II Conclusions:

  • Don’t trust nobody with your life.
  • Crime does NOT pay.
  • People lie.
  • Always be prepared to defend yourself.

There is one more part of the interview. I will continue to keep you posted.  However, leave a comment or go to my RHOA discussion board. Last week, there were a lot of comments and fire. This story is really hitting home with a number of people but for various and different reasons.

Once again thanks for coming and don’t forget to hit-up that discussion board.

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