Bobby Brown Arrested Today: Drunk or Grieving?

Once again Bobbie Brown is back in the news again.  According to, Mr.Brown was pulled over and arrested for  allegedly “driving under the influence”.  Some reports say that it was because he was talking on a cell-phone. Who knows the truth nowadays!   Is this a sign that he could possibly be grieving? I am not so sure, but there has been very little attention giving to singer Bobby Brown during this tragic-lost of his first wife-Whitney Houston. It is my opinion that this guy may be really hurting inside and most probably needs some grief counseling. I am also going to make some somewhat powerful statements and I am sure that some of my readers may get a little angry with me. Grab and hold onto your hats!

  1. Bobby has been blamed for Whitney’s problems with addiction. I don’t agree with this rumor.
  2. Bobby and Whitney both had demons before meeting each other. I agree with this assertion.
  3. Bobby and Whitney really still had feeling for each other up until her death. I believe this rumor.
  4. It was alleged that they were considering re-marrying. I believe this also.
  5. Bobby Brown was devastated by Whitney’s death. I believe this rumor.
  6. Bobby should have been allowed to say something at her funeral. I agree with this opinion.
  7. Bobby Brown was maltreated at Whitney’s funeral. Probably so.
  8. Bobby and Bobbi Kristina’s relationship is most probably strained at best. I believe this rumor.
  9. Allegedly Bobby Brown may still have problems with addictions. I believe this rumor.
  10. Bobby Brown could benefit from an intervention. I agree with this assertion.

I must say for real people, Bobby and Whitney had a mutual attraction. If you have ever watched the their “reality show,” bad boy Bobby was NOT the only problem or by himself cutting-up.  As a matter-of-fact,  I think that he was the milder of the two. (read between the lines) However, he has to take the bad wrap anyway. I have began to somewhat empathize with him.  He is really getting a bad rap.  I hope he comes out of this alright. He has been arrested.  He has bailed-out and he will be alright. In essence, I really believe that this man is grieving the death of his first wife.   I am sorry Cissy, but this is the whole truth in my opinion. No this does not excuse bad or dangerous behavior-but how else do Black men in America deal with their problems? Yes, I can say that and deal with whatever darts may be thrown at me after this post.  There was a special bond there (Bobby-and-Whitney) whether we like it or not. Love is blind!

Now that I have your attention, let’s turn our eyes toward the problem of  alcoholism that is fulminate in our communities. This is a serious problems and really leads to a lot of chronic legal and medical issues here in America.

Review of Alcoholism:

  • According to the CDC, 64% of Americans drink alcohol
  • Moreover 50% of Americans are regular drinkers
  • Men who drink more than 7 drinks a week are considered to be abusing/dependent on alcohol
  • Women who drink more than 4 drinks a week may be considered abusing/dependent on alcohol
  • Males lead females in consumption
  • The highest use of alcoholism occurs in the 18-24 year old group
  • Alcohol Abuse is more common in non-Hispanic Whites(27%)
  • Alcohol Abuse occurs in 15% of African-Americans
  • Alcohol Abuse occurs in 19% of Hispanics
  • 1/3 of all traffic fatalities are secondary to Alcoholism
  • Men are arrested 6:1 women when is comes to criminal acts secondary to Alcohol

Take a peak at the video below:

Now that you have had a lesson and a look answer the following questions in a dark quiet room alone;

  1. Could you possibly have a problem with alcohol based on the facts in this post?
  2. Does/Did your mother or father have a problem with alcoholism?
  3. Do you need a drink to go to sleep most nights?
  4. Have you ever been told that you need to cut down on your drinking?
  5. Do you get angry/annoyed when people mention your drinking?
  6. Do you feel guilty about the amount of drinking you do daily, or weekly?
  7. Have you ever had to drink in the morning to combat the shakes?
  8. Have you ever blacked-out?

Now I know some of you may be afraid of the outcome of this little test. However, if you answered yes to more than a few (3) you should probably be evaluated immediately by your primary care physician.

Also, if you want a confidential evaluation, fee-for-service, of your possible substance addiction, feel free to call 404-575-4785. Please let the intake worker know that you prefer a confidential forensic evaluation ad we will not bill any third party payers at your requests.  However, you will be required to pay upfront for your evaluation.

If you prefer to speak directly with a substance abuse specialist, call 1-866-936-3121.

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