Does Rihanna Have a Personality Disorder? Dr. O Weighs In!

At this juncture, I am concerned. It seems like every week either Rihanna or Chris Brown are in the media with some sort of  negative twist. Now last year, Rihanna pulled the sympathy card on all of us with the Chris Brown incident.  However, lately the issues surrounding her have become somewhat concerning. I am not her physician-so I will not make a diagnosis, but something is definitely wrong.

Last week or this week whenever, this superstar steps out in a see-through-top. That is o.k. but to forget (intentionally or unintentionally) to wear a bra is NOT accceptable. Rihanna has to know that her life is under a microscope. With this, I am just wondering if she is starved for this type of attention. If true, it is all negative-attention.  On the otherhand, could these just be plots to sell records. (oops CDs) Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle never had to do anything like that in the past. They both hold numerous awards.

Now the next issue I would like to talk about is the “twitter war” with Chris Brown’s girlfriend. Say it ain’t so! Come on Rihanna we are all sure that as soon as it is legally possible, with no strings attached, you and Chris B. Will be forever. But the public display of insults and back-and-forth banter are so unlady like. Is this really neccessary?

Now, I  also very disturbed to find out that , Karruenche Tran, Chris Brown’s current girlfriend has had to hire security because some of Rihanna fans are threatening her. This really blew me away. I am just not sure what is happening but something needs to be done before someone gets hurt.

Now I have a short video presentation for you. After you tune in, let me know if you think we are dealing with one or more personality disorders.



Now that you have had the opportunity to be educated a little on personality disorders, maybe you can answer the following questions for me:

  1. Does Rihanna have a personality disorder, in your opinion?
  2. Does Chris Brown have a personality disorder in your opinion?
  3. Are these just publicity stunts gone viral?
  4. Do you feel that counseling would help either of them?
  5. Is Rihanna’s behavior acceptable, for a megastar, in your opinion?

It seems like they are in a relationship nightmare. Trying to make heads or tails out of what is really going on does not seem do-able. In my opinion, they are both vulnerable role models dealing with issues that are spilling over into the media. I wonder what would happen if the media did not respond or write about their foolishness. Then we would probably have nothing to read or tweet about.

Do you have any friends that exhibit these type of bizarre behaviors. Do they frustrate you? I also wonder if it is some sort of generational curse or something? (Help Pastor T.D. Jakes) We need to call a notorium on bad behavior, if at all possible. Whatever happened to positive role models? Do they exist anymore? What is even worse-the more outrageous the actions-the more our young people want to be just like them.

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Also to really catch-up on badgirl Rihanna go to they’ve got the whole scoop and then some.

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