You Nasty! Facebook Hook-Ups, Sexcapades and Fantasies





Do any of these commands sound familiar to you?

The world is becoming a faster place for everything: phone calls, emails, television, banking, and now, love.

LOVE? YES! Thanks to various “dating” sites, you can now get love “on the fly”. The process is simple: find a random “hot” friend in your area, chat with them for a minute to discuss intentions, figure a time and location…..and finally….meet. It’s free and it’s fast…but it’s also a problem, and can be VERY dangerous.

This aforementioned issue is what I call “Facebook Follies”. This phenomena is sweeping the Internet population due to its easy accessibility. Additionally, this threatening issue is one of the main causes of marital and relationship problems. When we are depressed or upset, we find comfort in many things: food, television, music, and of now of course, FACEBOOK. These are considered  “stimulants” to help bring us back to regularity. So, what happens when our spouse or partner makes us angry or stressed, and there’s no communication? To where do we resort? Anybody want to take a guess?

This is what I mean by a “Facebook Follies”. If an attractive Facebook friend is handy at our most vulnerable moment, who’s to say that we won’t slip and develop an imaginary relationship with him/her? Furthermore, the ease of the Social Media hookup “high” may develop into a possible addiction, causing erratic or panicky behaviors when our computer or the Internet isn’t available at our fingertips.  Has this ever happened to you?   Even worse, our communication skills wane, rendering us interactively helpless without a media device in our control. These factors can be, and currently are some of the main issues that plague marriages and relationships, and result in today’s divorces and break ups.

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Social Media can be good and it can be bad. Whatever the case, be careful.  This phenomena can destroy your current relationship, job and or family. There are some positive reasons for social media, but how many of us take advantage of that opportunity. Just like in the Garden of Eden, Eve saw the forbidden fruit and turned to a life of sin. Are you also an Eve?

When relationship or marital problems arise, instead of looking for a quick “fix”, breathe in and out, deeply and slowly. Figure out what the issue is first, assess the pros and cons of the situation, and then proceed to take responsible action. Also, keep a journal. This helps to release some of your anger and frustration, and transfers it safely without the regret of hurting others’ feelings.  Once you have written in your journal, sometimes it helps to discard the written page. This way, you are “cleansing” yourself of the frustration and you are able to express yourself more effectively.

Have you found this blog entry to be helpful? Let me hear your thoughts and comments, or even your suggested coping methods may help another reader! is a great supporter for healthy mental maintenance.  Check out my new ebook, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?”

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