“I hate my boss…Should I quit my job?”

This is the sentiment of a lot of people in today’s workforce. The requirements in the workplace have become somewhat more stringent and in most instances, multi-tasking is the rule and NOT the exception.  This is difficult for most people. Day-in and day-out I have a number of new patients entering service because of work-related stress.  As their clinician, I have to help them alleviate their immediate distress and if possible, control their disease.(s)

After reviewing several cases, with other doctors, it seems like the average employee experiences “poop-out.” This is when they can no longer perform at the level that is required for excellence or to be tolerated in the work place. The employee may call this “burn-out.” However, I would like to list a couple of reasons for this possible issue:

  1. Failure to get proper rest at night and on weekends
  2. Poor dietary habits
  3. Strained interpersonal relationships
  4. Poor daily planning and maintenance of scheduling
  5. Lack of initiative
  6. Not being challenged
  7. Boredom with job

Each of the above reasons are a monster unto themselves but have you thought about what might be some reasons that you are dissatisfied with your job? Please give me some feedback on the blog so that the list can be comprehensive.

Failure to get proper rest at night and on the weekends

Most people don’t realize that this is very important. Sleep serves several functions. However, the most important function is “restorative.” I attempt to teach all patients the art of rest and relaxation. The mind and the body needs periods when there is absolutely nothing going on. Occasionally our thoughts race at night. If this happens at times of stress, it is o.k.  However, if this is happening >2-3 times in a week there maybe a clinical problem. You should be evaluated by a mental health professional if this is happening to you. However, if at all possible please try to get between 6-8 hours each night. Please get no less than 5 hours because your work-performance may be affected by your fatigue.

Poor Dietary Habits

Eating right is a necessity. A lot of people don’t realize how important the right mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and protein are in our lives. Have you ever had a heavy meal that stayed with you until almost the end of the next day? This is a terrible feeling. I would be remiss if I did not mention water-intake. Our bodies are composed of 70% water. When we are not properly hydrated,  it could possibly effect or thinking processes and overall physical health, as well. Proper fluid intake is a must. Also, be sure not to forget to  visit the water cooler, several times a day,  while at work.

Strained Interpersonal Relationships

When we bring “stuff” from home into the workplace,  this can certainly cause a problem. It is important for you to be able to compartmentalize every area of your life. Don’t take work home and don’t bring home to work. Keep the two essentially  separate. If there is an issue at home and you need a couple of days off, ask your immediate supervisor for FMLA. (Family Medical Leave Act) Don’t just lay out of work, but follow the proper HR procedures. The job you save may be your very own.  If you get angry or perturbed at work, spend a few extra minutes driving around town to cool down before going home. Don’t bring the heat from work into your home. You should always maintain a peaceful environment where you lay your head at night.

Poor Daily Planning

Physicians have to follow a schedule everyday. Of course, we occasionally fall behind but this is a tool from which we work daily. This same process is essential for any professional or para-professional. A planner is simply a daily road map. This device tells you the who, what, when, where and how each day. I oftentimes jot down little small forget-me-nots so that all tasks are completed by the end of the day. Many employees get burned out because they don’t ” plan-the work” and then “work-the-plan.”

Lack of Initiative

This is a common reason for termination. Many people attempt to come to work and do the bare minimum.  That will not work anymore. Today’s many employers,  from McDonald’s to Home Depot, require its employees to “think.” People don’t usually like to do this because thinking—leads to —problem solving–and that leads to excellence. To activate the scientific method is exciting for the 8th grader but to a disgruntled employee it is like unto death.

Not Being Challenged

Now on the other hand there are some over-achievers who want to do more and become bored or saddened when NOT challenged. Is this you? Do you need to be micromanaged or can you fall into the exploration of any problem and find solutions.  I have to be challenged. When my thinking is dormant, I don’t feel challenged. Being not challenged for some its like being entangled in a spider web-just stuck!

Boredom with Job

Sometimes you feel like a NUT and sometimes you are driven to bonkers when the job becomes mundane and uninteresting. This can be very dangerous and lead to attendance problems and ultimately termination. If you are bored at your job,  ask your supervisor for a couple of special projects or something new to do. You will be surprised at what might happen, bonus or promotion, when you stretch yourself.

Now if you don’t like your boss, you may certainly want to consider moving on before the feelings become mutual and you are terminated or asked to leave.

How to prepare to switch jobs

  • Research what happens with vacation and sick time if left on the books. (Do I get paid for it)
  • Make sure that you have another job lined-up
  • Be sure that your health status is pretty stable
  • Make sure that you have that you have 6 months worth of living expenses saved-up
  • Don’t make any new big ticket purchases (pay-off your car if possible)
  • Change your lifestyle to reduce all unnecessary spending
  • Prepare mentally and don’t panic

Final thoughts:

Most people stay on a job NOW  for about 3-5 years. People don’t do the 25-30 years anymore. They’ve stop making those watches. So prepare yourself and accept change as it comes and take the necessary actions in your life.

I need to hear from you on this subject; Was this post helpful and did it may any sense?



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