Is Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman’s Friend, Really African-American? Nope-Sell Out


I hope that you have time to view this video in its totality. It is very interesting to say the least. I will leave my comments until after you have had the opportunity to psychoanalyze it yourself.(smile)

This video defines what is a true sell-out! I have watched this video and I would like to share with you my personal psychoanalysis of what actually went on during this video.  Feel free to chime-in at anytime.

  1. Joe Oliver is emphatically a liar in my opinion.  I know that his “pants are on fire!”
  2. The eye-batting was excessive. This sure makes him very credible? Yeah right!
  3. He stuttered throughout most of the interview when there was any pressure or confrontation.
  4. He started off by lying about his “length of actual affiliation” with this man-George Zimmerman.
  5. He and George most probably are NOT friends, in the true sense of the word, based on a number of his confusing responses during this interview.
  6. Joe, now really what experience do you have with the media?  In my opinion, you handled this interview terribly.
  7. He initially denied/lied about even working with George Zimmerman and <30 seconds later he confirmed working with Zimmerman. Did you or did you NOT know this guy, Joe? Just the truth please.
  8. How many of us have close friends, that we want to visit in hiding, that we know nothing about?
  9. “I wasn’t there,” stated Joe. This is a true statement so why are you interviewing on national television in support of a guy that most probably killed a young African-American male-and you are allegedly and African-American male?  This is just a question and only a question.  I am not really understanding YOUR true rationale for these interviews.  You should be ashamed of yourself.
  10. “George may have been drinking.” Oh could it be that possibly the truth slips out of Mr. Oliver’s mouth?   Maybe you should do just a little more research before coming out in support of an alleged murderer!
  11. You never really made it clear your initial affiliation with this man. You back tracked several times.  This concerns me from a veracity perspective.
  12. If you don’t know a person before their alleged criminality, how can you measure growth Joe Oliver?  Now this response was just silly.
  13. It appears that you still don’t know much about this violent vigilante.
  14. FYI Joe Oliver, anger-management does not work for everybody. It is also difficult to treat persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder-George Zimmerman!
  15. This dude never answered many of the questions directly.  He presented a number of circumstantial responses.
  16. Joe Oliver you may be colored, but the verdict is still out on you being an African-American.  Enough said! Sometimes silence really works.
  17. Joe a number of your answers were non-credible to many of us.
  18. Joe attempted to talk over the interviewers as a “defense.
  19. Joe attempted to buy time, during the interview, to come-up with some of his answers presented.
  20. Joe how would you know the actual etiology of the “crying episodes” of Mr. Zimmerman?
  21. Joe your answers were weak and many of them made no sense.
  22. Your “Gut Feeling,” in my opinion,  brother is most probably just wrong.

How do you feel after viewing this interview? Should Joe crawl back under his rock or keep fighting for his so-called friend? This case is about racism and white-supremacy. Enough Said!

Don’t forget to post your comments on this video or any aspect of the case.

Thanks for engaging,



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