Is the Sanford Police Department Racist:Trayvon Martin Update!

Video: Police Hold News Conference About Teen’s Death

I have looked at this video several times over the past weekend. I can not make heads or tails of what the Police Officials are trying to say or not to say.  What is even more interesting, no update since the release of the 911 tapes.  There appears to be some unspoken loyalty to this vigilante Zimmerman.  According to he allegedly has been targeting young Black men for a while now. Zimmerman, “Hey we have had some break-ins in my neighborhood, and there’s a real suspicious guy at Retreat Circle.  The guy looks like he’s up to no good.” Now if this ain’t a paradoxical statement. This young, 17 year-old African-American male was simply walking home from the store with his Skittles candy. It is also reported that Zimmerman is claiming self-defense. Questions for Zimmerman:

  • What is a “REAL suspicious guy”? Please define this for us.
  • “He LOOKS like he is up to no good.” So did you.  However, please help me understant what specifications or qualifications of profiling you might have to determine this specification.
  • Do you target African-American males?
  • Why were you following this young man when you had been given specific instructions, by the police, to Not do that? Help us to  understand your behavior.
  • What is your definition of self-defense?

However, Sanford Police where is the weapon you found on Trayvon Martin. There ain’t one. This police department has a history which if you click on the link to I am sure you can get the full details. However, before you go there, take a peek at this video and then I will ask you a few questions?

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Have you heard anything in the media that would possibly justify Trayvon Martin’s death?
  2. Do you agree that Zimmerman should be arrested for murder?
  3. Could this behavior, if not addressed, spill over into other small racist neighborhoods here in America?
  4. Should Trayvon’s family give-up or continue to fight for justice?
  5. Are you willing to Now sign the petition?

I am outraged at the behavior of the police department more than that of  Zimmerman.  Also Sanford  PD you guys might want to pull up Zimmerman’s  “rap-sheet.”  Didn’t he (Zimmerman) allegedly assault a police-officer in the past? Please advise. Let just fantacize for a minute that Zimmerman was a Black Man and Trayvon was a white kid. This situation would be totally reversed.  Have you noticed that when our young black kids get missing/murdered there is “no real sense of urgency” to find them?  However, if a white female gets missing “it is almost a state of emergency” in the country. America is becoming more of a strange place. “Liberty and Justice For All!”  Yeah Right! Please go to to sign the petition. However please continue to pray for Trayvon’s family and that justice will be done.

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