Mike Epps’ Daughter Speaks Out: Check Out this Video UPDATE

Is an “Anger Management Intervention” necessary?

Did you see this video? If not please click above before you read the post. I had an opportunity to hear a portion of the recorded phone conversation.  Mike’s behavior was erratic and unacceptable to say the least. What has our world come to? It appears that the issues between Mike and Bria have been going-on for a long-time. I usually don’t take sides but let me ask you a couple of questions;

  1. After seeing the video will you support any of Mike Epps new productions or ventures?
  2. Was his behavior totally unaceptable to you?
  3. Can you recommend a better method of conflict-resolution?
  4. Do you think that this type of behavior is systemic throughout the families of stars in America?

I  just do not believe in”verbal abuse” any kind. All of us have to be responsible for our behaviors and anger. It appears that Mike Epps need some anger-management training and soon. This one may just blow up in his face. This could also be career changing for him.

Here are some cues that may signal a person’s need for  Anger-Management Treatment:

  1. Does your spouse and/or friend avoid conflict with you?
  2. Are you a “yeller”?
  3. Would others describe you as “prickly” or “too sensitive”?
  4. Have you ever become so angry at someone in traffic that you cut them off, tailgated or rolled down your window to yell at them or made an obscene gesture?
  5. Have you ever surprised yourself by how angry you got or what you did while angry?
  6. Have you ever broken an object (glass, table, chair, ashtray, punched a wall. during an argument

Anger, like other emotions, helps us to respond to our experiences and to meet our needs. However, we can get into trouble in our relationships and with the law if we express our anger inappropriately. Anger may be used to control others by frightening them. Anger can be destructive and can make us physically not well.  Seeking Anger Management treatment can help a person better control their reactions, which will result in them living a healthier and longer life.

More importantly managing our anger helps us better manage our relationships. Relationships should be very important to us. This feud that we have been watching is probably an eye-opener to many of us. Please be advised that we have not spoken to Mr.Epps but what we heard was unacceptable. After hearing this telephonic conversation and this young lady’s pleas, what do you think Mike Epps should do to extinguish this behavior?

  • Get a psychiatric Consult.
  • Attend Anger-Management classes.
  • Maybe try family therapy with all of his children
  • Enter a program for abusive fathers.

I am so sorry that this story has unfolded like this but we have to tell the truth, to the best of our abilities on the BLOGS. Be sure to check out the first post, on this blog,  that was done on this story done 3/4/12.


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