New Orleans Police Officer calls Trayvon Martin a Thug!WOW

Just we when thought it was almost over, we are back in New Orleans again-Racism White Supremacy! A White New Orleans Police Officer posted on his site, “Act Like a Thug Die Like One!” He was evidently referencing  Trayvon Martin in his post.  What is interesting is that he did not even attempt to deny the post or the allegation.  He simply hired a lawyer and quick.   After the comment, he was immediately placed on suspension by Chief Ronald Serpas.  However, this is not the first time the N.O. Police Department has been under fire for inappropriate or unethical behavior.  As a forensic Psychiatrist, I was involved in a major case in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina and the plaintiff did win.

However, per his lawyer, this Officer Jason Giroir decided to resign today effective immediately.  All I can say is GOOD!  He posted these comments on WWLTV,COM site.  Evidently he has a problem with the protests across the nation.   So I guess we have a little bit of the The Sanford Police Department in N.O.  This dude didn’t have to participate so I am trying to figure out what is his beef?  Officer Jason Giroir WAS a 13 year veteran police office on the New Orleans force. GOODBYE and SO-LONG SIR! By the way, he was, prior to his resignation, under investigation for being involved in a fatal shooting, a couple a weeks ago  Could this be called, “Identification with the Aggressor?” Yea, another fatal police shooting in N.O. They are use to it in that city.  That police department stays under investigation.    By the way, two of his fellow officers were also injured but Mr.Giroir was on desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation. This is ridiculous.

Check out this video:

Now I have a couple of questions;

  1. Should ALL police officers, in the U.S., be required to undergo sensitivity training?
  2. Do you now still think that African-Americans are being hypersensitive to issues of race?
  3. Have you signed the petition to prosecute Zimmerman?
  4. Do you believe that Zimmerman still has not been charged?
  5. If Zimmerman is NOT charged, do you think there will be race riots here in America?

This issue does not seem to be going away. Please post your comments on the blog and let light some fire under America. It is time for a change. Are you as mad as I am?


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