Oprah Request Interview with Zimmerman

Oprah Winfrey, our current most famous spokesperson wants a face-to-face interview, I believe with George Zimmerman. Per Bossip.Com he is at the top of her list for people she would like to interview.  I am hoping she also has the opportunity to interview his good friend,  Joe Oliver-the fake and the phony!  Oprah believes that this tragedy is awful  She has also expressed concern, like many of us, with the length of time that’s gone by without Zimmerman’s arrest.  There was a rumor, last night, that he went down to the police station-however according to my fund of knowledge, there has been no arrest. Oprah also feels that this particular incident has brought people of all colors together for one cause…JUSTICE! I certainly agree with her sentiments.

“It is a tragedy and a shame that we are sitting her 33 days later and
arrest nor questioning has occurred.”  – Oprah Winfrey stated

 Trayvon Martin is now becoming a 21st century martyr and his death is allowing unspoken feelings to arise that MUST be addressed.  What are your thoughts? Are you angry?  I am personally feeling more attacked daily as a minority.  It appears that the stupidity is greater greater everyday.

Points to Ponder:

If I were interviewing George Zimmerman, here are the questions I would ask;

  1. Do you have any criminal history that we (African-Americans) should be aware of?
  2. Is it true that you have a problem with African-American males?
  3. Have you ever been arrested for domestic violence?
  4. Did you kill Trayvon Martin?
  5. What weapons did you see on Trayvon Martin?
  6. Who was that screaming you are Trayvon?
  7. What can we believe concerning your story?
  8. Should we (African-Americans) be angry with you?

These are my questions. Do you have any questions to add? I am looking forward to my interview, after Oprah’s with Mr.Zimmerman.

Thanks for listening,


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