Real Talk: The Whitney Houston Autopsy Report

Is is important to be real when addressing issues such as depression and substance abuse in our communities. We can try to provide cover but in the end it can lead to demise. I want to ask you a couple of questions before the video.


  1. Are you currently dealing with an addiction? (food, drugs, etc.)
  2. Do you know of someone dealing with an addiction?
  3. Would you know where to find help for an addiction?
  4. Have you been self-medicating with food or drugs lately?
  5. Do you need a “psychiatric intervention?”

Autopsy Report:

  • Accidental Drowning
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cocaine was found in the blood
  • Xanax, Benadryl and Flexeril

This is certainly a very serious cocktail.

Addictions can be serious but treatable.

Addictions can range from chocolate-to-morphine.
If you need help, feel free to call our office for a face-to-face consultation at 404-575-4785.

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