What are the Pros and Cons of Make-Up Sex?






  1. The act of make up sex can cause an adrenalin rush.
  2. Can make you remember why you love your lover so much.
  3. Brings confidence: Make up sex allows you to prove how great you really are in bed.
  4. Can bring the flame back into the relationship, taking you back down memory lane reminding you of your honeymoon stage.
  5. You feel connected again with your partner no one else in the world matters.
  6. Make up sex could be a way to temporarily repair the relationship






  1.  Make up sex can give you a false sense of security. Making you feel like all of your relationship issues no longer exist, but the problems are still there.
  2.  Make up sex can make you feel vulnerable.
  3. Doesn’t allow you to think about the situation outside of your emotions
  4. Confuses the situation even more.
  5. Give you a false sense of trust.
  6. It can be emotionally painful once the passion is over because you were caught in the moment and now experiencing an overwhelming feeling of regret.

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