Whodunit? Whitney Houston Casket Photographer Possibly Identified

It is a sad day on earth when people start selling pictures of dead celebrities for a quick buck.  It comes a point in time in your life when you have to have respect for SOMETHING if not anything.  The staff at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey, who conducted Whitney Houston’s funeral,  have identified the individual that captured a photo of Whitney in the casket.


Above Ray Jay and Raffles Van Exel. Allegedly they were the accomplices in Whitney’s death couch photos.

A staff person from Whigham Funeral Home saw the individual take the picture. The person allegedly accused of taken the photo is Raffles Van Exel.

Raffles was at both private viewings of Whitney, in casket,  held at the Whigham  Funeral Home.   Raffles was the only family member that accompanied the family on the private plane from Los Angeles to New Jersey.  He also accompanied the family in the car on the way to the funeral.  Wingham arrived at the funeral with his own bodyguard which seemed a little unusual.   Apparently the family still trust Raffles because they are protecting him and keeping him apart of their close circle.


At this juncture I guess we can move on from this issue. What is amazing is the number of “National Enquirer” magazine purchases that week.  Also, many of us went online to see Whitney in final repose.

I have three theories for the behavior of the public:

First Theory:

Final Closure-A lot of us did not want to believe that Whitney was and is actually gone.  Yes, I must admit it was painful for a number of reasons.  Many of us, mental health professionals, know that she tried to get help. She had several interventions that seemingly did not work.  My professional opinion is not an accidental death secondary to drugs, but and accidental death secondary to a “broken heart.”  “We love you Whitney!”

Second Theory:

Suspect of foul play-Many people believe that there was possibly foul play. Although, we have been reassured that this is not the case, to see her in repose, resting peacefully, helps dispel this suspicion. In the final analysis, I believe that Whitney H. knew God and he has accepted her with his “Grace” into the kingdom.

Third Theory:

Curiosity-A lot of people are just nosey and have to see what they can see. Absolutely no empathy just foolish behavior.

In the final analysis:

  • She is resting
  • Her struggles are over
  • The family has to  move forward

Thanks for listening,


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