6 Year OId Girl Gets Arrested at Her Elementary School in Milledgeville, GA

CBS/WMAZ) MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. – A 6-year-old elementary school student was handcuffed and arrested Friday after she allegedly threw a tantrum in class.

CBS affiliate WMAZ reports that according to the police report, the girl tore items off the walls and threw furniture. The report also says the girl knocked over a shelf that injured the school principal.

The girl was crying in the principal’s office at Creekside Elementary before police arrived. When the officer tried to calm the child, she resisted and was handcuffed.  Her name is Salecia Johnson.

“Our policy is that any detainee transported to our station in a patrol vehicle is to be handcuffed in the back. There is no age discrimination on that rule,” said Milledgeville Chief of Police Dray Swicord.

Police took the young girl to the police station where she was charged with simple assault and damage to property. As she is only 6-years-old, she will not have to go to court.

The girl was also suspended until August.

Check out this video:


What is the world coming to? In this instance I would have to contribute this incident to poor parenting.  What are your thoughts?

There should have been trained individuals in the school to deal with such matters to prevent police from intervening and having to arrest this young little girl.  The only way I would accept such methods of constraints is if she was armed with a weapon of some sort.  She was not in possession of a fire arm or a knife.  Therefore, it is hard to believe that a mature adult could not restrain this child, considering the average weight of a 6 year old female is 45-50 lbs about the same as medium size dog.  Laws today have placed every one on notice and in fear of touching someone else’s child.  Either way I hope this is a lesson to the school officials to update their policies and procedures manuals to include a process that will properly outline how they can resolve such issues internally without it making HEADLINE NEWS!

Questions to Ask Yourself??

  • Is this going to be another Trayvon Martin Case? (Race Related)
  • Are we losing our children control over our children?
  • Were the police right in handling the situation?
  • What other ways could this incident have unfolded?
  • Do you work for a school and if so what procedures do you have in place if such incidents  occurred?

All I can say world is here we go again!

Enough Said

Dr. O


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