Allegedly Sheree Whitfield Bites the Dust! Possibly No longer a RHOA-GOOD!

It is heavily rumored that Ms.Sheree Whitfield has been fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t know if this has been confirmed as of yet, but several of my sources to include have this hot tip.  One thing that I can confirm is that  she has certainly instigated a lot of confusion this year in the television series. Sheree  just did not seem to have a lot of integrity to me personally this year.   According to MediaTakeout, “she has been fired.”  The rumor mills says that she lost it at a BRAVO event where she allegedly found out her fate. I just can’t imagine what NeNe Leakes is saying. We are now appreciating more and more the realness of Mrs. Leakes- (NeNe)

She (Ms. Whitfield) had major conflicts with just about ALL of the women this season! Enough already!  Her pretentiousness and caddy behavior is NOT what we want you to think about an Atlanta lady.  After all, she is broke, messy and has a lot of communication problems.  I may comment later on her poor parenting skills.  I just did not like any of her story lines.  Great decision, if true, BRAVO! She initiated most of the conflicts listed below, if NOT all of them.

This video is probably why she got fired. Take another peak right quick…


Sheree had fights with every other Atlanta Housewife;

Sheree and Ne-Over Jealousy

Sheree and Marlo-Over Stupidity

Sheree and Kandi-Over lies from Africa

Sheree and Phaedra-Bad Divorce

No other character per my recollection had the kind of communication issues that Sheree did this season.  Her overall image was blundered and blistered. I really could NOT even identify with the sadness surrounding her pitiful divorce. She probably initiated a lot of the fights to keep an interesting storyline going for her part. I don’t believe it worked. This is the word on the street.  We shall see not many days hence if it is true.


  1. How do you feel about Sheree Whitfield possibly getting the boot?
  2. Was her character really indicative of a RHOA?
  3. Did she always seem empty and fake to you?
  4. Do you think Marlo will be her replacement?
  5. Are you still even interested in this show at all?

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