Are You in a TOXIC Relationship? Yes or No?

On this Resurrection Sunday, many of us will go to church, eat dinner and then have the opportunity to “spiritually reflect.”  One question that you may  have to ponder is,”Are you in a possibly Toxic Relationship?” There are a couple of warning signs that you should look out for:

  1. You are constantly fighting and arguing with your mate.
  2. He/she does NOT trust you for the most part.
  3. You are constantly being questioned.
  4. You have caught your spouse/lover cheating more than once.
  5. The relationship tires you out.

Check out this quick video.

Now here are some pointers to move forward from a “Toxic Relationship!

  • Log your emotions-If you are always sad and frustrated after a conversation with your mate, write this down and keep track of your emotions.
  • Make a decision to bring closure-“Breaking-Up” sometimes seems hard to do, but you may be required to do this for the “health of it.” Toxic Relationships can make us sick. (both mentally and physically)
  • Fill-In Games– Now you will have to fill-in that dead space with fun activities with family and friends. Don’t sit around listening to sad songs or looking at sad movies.
  • Wait Before Starting to Date New People-Don’t just jump into another relationship too fast.  This can be dangerous and cyclic. Wait for a few minutes, catch your breath and then explore your options.
  • Seek professional counseling if needed-You may have to talk to someone neutral.  There is nothing wrong with processing with a professional. You may need to discover how and why you stayed so long in this type of relationship.

I know this is Easter/Resurrection Sunday so I will NOT keep you too long.

However, if you have any questions or comments leave them here on the post. Also don’t forget to pick-up my e-book, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” A lot of people have found this quick book a helpful resource and very timely.

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