Arrested: George Zimmerman, “WE AIN’T NO JOKE!”

It has been a long time coming, but a CHANGE had to come. There was just no way that BLACK America was going to let one of their babies be KILLED and be SHOT DOWN in COLD BLOOD and not fight like hell! Sometimes you have to fight. The evidence was there and many tried to ignore it, as well as, play with the real truth. Hats Off to Al Sharpton!  He has really been there for us through this travesty.  From the initial Trayvon Martin post to this actual arrest post, this has been a source of contention for America.  This case has brought a new level of consciousness to America. I have personally been insulted by this because we had to come together and demand “TRUTH!” This investigation


This case has to be tried in a court of law, but public opinion stood strong in the fight. George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder. Now the party must start. I am sure that we all will watch closely.  The Special Prosecutor did a great job tonight. Of course, they will not tell us where he (George Zimmerman) is and we all no why. What is very interesting is why his stopped communicating with his lawyers.  What I believe is that the heat had just become too much. Florida you are very sad. The Aggravated Murder Charge is now moving forward. This means that the murder was intentional and certainly wreckless. It is important to keep in mind that Trayvon’s parents are the “constitutional victims” in this crime. The state attorney has done well.

America, do you now feel better? I am sure that has been a small catharsis in the African-American community but the fight must continue. Justice is becoming a problem in America. It seems like their have been numerous stories that mirror this same kind of issue. I am satisfied to this point but I will continue to watch and Miss. Justice places on her dress. The fight is not over and certainly their needs to be more of an investigation into the ethics of The Sanford Police Department. There is a lot going on in the south and the overall Psychological Effects of  Trayvon Martin’s  Murder what is going on now are yet to be discovered.

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