AskDrO – 10 Ways To Help Beat Depression.

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In the past we have done posts that targeted some of the risk factors of suicide-prone individuals, and way to help treat the symptoms of those who may be or are contemplating suicide. Today, AskDrO is taking a step FURTHER…think of it as a pre-emptive strike to preventing depression from taking over your mental health! We all may go through brief periods of a low mood-possibly depression at some time in our lives, whether we are not we are aware of this deadly disease.

Let’s check out this video: Dr. Owens Discusses Depression in African American Males

Now that you have heard “Depression 101” use these guidelines as a way to actively combat depression and maintain a new and possibly healthy mental state!

1.   Seek out professional help IMMEDIATELY  if your low moods are recurrent or you began feeling suicidal. Call AskDrO if you need some direction on how to access your provider.

2.  Don’t be AFRAID to talk openly to your physician concerning your past experiences.  If there has been sexual trauma, incest or any form of abuse-you may need to process. This is called THERAPY when done with a licensed medical or mental health professional!

3.  Take your ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION(s) daily.  If you have been prescribed medication (Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin-SR, etc) you have to take your medications daily.  That is the only way they will work.

4.   Do not ALLOW others to MANIPULATE you because of your illness.  Be careful who you tell your intimate and personal business to anytime and always.

5.  Advise your physician about ANY SIDE-EFFECTS you may be experiencing.  Many people stop taking their medication because of side effects-especially the sexual side effects. We have ways to deal with most of them.  Just be open and honest and allow a physician to help you with this problem.

6.  MEDITATE daily using the tool of your choice. (Bible, Qaran, etc.)  Self-declarations and study is essential to your well-being. Whether five minutes or thirty minutes that quiet time is important and it should allow you to stay in contact with yourself. I am a strong advocate of this function-daily.

7.  Keep a daily MOOD LOG and share the results with your physician. It is important to note how many days you may be staying in that slump.  If you are down for more than 14 days straight, you MUST go and see a physician. You are most probably in a clinical depression.

8.  Start an EXERCISE PROGRAM to increase your endorphins. I am now just loving this daily exercise thing. Do something with that body. Get moving early int he morning. This will certainly help you combat and fight mental illness. Also, you may lose a couple of pounds and become more physically fit. If first lady Obama can do it, so can we!

9.  EAT healthier and increase your WATER intake.  Watch those carbohydrates and excessive salt intake. Bread and dessert should be a 1-2 times weekly reward, especially if you are fighting obesity and diabetes.  People we must start eating healthier.  People are living longer and now are confronted with all types of illness. Remember if you can have it, God can heal it!

10.  Participate in POSITIVE self-affirmations daily.  List them out and speak them out loud. Don’t be afraid and don’t really be ashamed to make your declarations in the mirror. Tell yourself what you want to her. It works!

You may be feeling signs of depression or low self-esteem and not really know it. Feel free to AskDrO for help! However, first take the Dr. Owens’ Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status. We are here for you!

Also, if the source of your depression is your relationship, check out my new book, “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” You are bound to be interested and hopefully you will learn something.

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