Does Mirlande Wilson Have a Delusional Disorder? If NOT Show Us the Ticket!

Is it me or is there something about this story that just isn’t adding up?  And I do mean figuratively ADDING UP! Mirlande Wilson,a  Haitian immigrant and  mother of 7, claims she has the winning lottery ticket.  Allegedly the McDonald’s employee took a pool of her co-workers money to purchase tickets and the agreement was to share the money equally.  Friday she claims she lost the ticket.  Well, Ms. Wilson stated that she bought the winning ticket with her own money outside of the employee pool money-anyway.  DOUBT IT!! 

If you haven’t been following this story…DON’T! Because the more it unfolds the more ridiculous it becomes.  At one point she stated she had the winning ticket but refused to show it to anyone.  She had to obtained legal counsel and has made appearances to the press requesting that we leave her alone.   Will do Mirlande-the Liar! Then Ms. Wilson  stated  that she hid the winning ticket inside of the McDonald’s where she worked.  The latest statement from her is that she misplaced it after a reporter asked her if she had lost the ticket.

If Ms. Wilson is able to present her winning ticket she will be  eligible to receive a lump sum of $105 Million Dollars after taxes! If I could get $50.00 I would produce my winning ticket. Gas is $4.00 a gallon nowadays. LOL

Now the Question of the Day is…Ms. Wilson “WHERE IS THIS WINNING TICKET?”  She has continued to tell one lie after the other. Her strong convictions that she is the winner, despite there is no evidence of ANY winning ticket, shows signs of delusional thinking.  She is past the point of just lying-She’s Delusional!  Ms.Wilson has obtained an attorney to represent her, she has publicly announced she is the winner, and continued to stress that she has the ticket.  I don’t know about you, but in order to claim you HAVE SOMETHING, it needs to be in your possession or at least know where it is located.   So I have come to the conclusion Ms. Wilson YOU ARE either A BAD LIAR (enjoying the media attention) or COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL.

What do you do with a delusional friend or family member?

  1. First, make sure that they are safe?
  2. Never challenge their delusions in the open.
  3. If not dangerous, get them soon to a mental health professional.
  4. If dangerous to self/or others call the police and have them taken to the ER for an evaluation.
  5. Never argue with a “delusional person” even if you are married to them.
  6. Never try to disprove their delusions, it just will not work.

Delusion: A fixed false belief.

If you have more questions about this phenomena or any other mental health conditions, feel free to hit me up on this blog.

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