Michael Jackson’s Son “Blanket” is Allegedly the Biological Son of His Body Gaurd

Once again the Jackson Family is in Headlines.  Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael Jackson II also known as “Blanket”. Jackson’s body guard Matt Fiddes, is about to pursue legal actions to gain visitation rights to Jackson’s youngest son Blanket.  Fiddes is claiming he’s the boy’s biological father.

Fiddes is requesting that the courts allow a DNA test to prove that he is the biological father of Michael Jackson’s son “Blanket”.  He wants to formally ask the Jackson’s for access. Also he is requesting visitation rights for his son.  Fiddes mother is currently dying of cancer and his hopes is that she will be able to see her grandchild before she dies.

Fiddes has publicly professed that:  “Michael is their father and I do not want that to change, but I want the children back in my life,” he said. “The only way that’s going to happen is through legal action. I think Blanket is mine but I want final proof.”


Questions to Ponder:
  • What are your thoughts about this sticky situation?
  • Do you feel that as a donor you should have parental rights? or
  • Are those rights given up when you give consent for someone to use your sperm to have a child?
  • Should Fiddes leave well enough alone?
  • Do you think Fiddes is doing this to gain fame?
  • WHO is the father?

Tell me what your thoughts are,

Dr. O

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