Ridiculous: 2 Pasadena Police Kill a 19-year old unarmed African-American Student March 24, 2012

The question is what is going-on in America? Kendrec McDade a 19 year old star “college” athlete was killed by two Pasadena police-officers after a liar reported that he had committed armed-robbery. What is most interesting, this occurred almost one-month to the date after Trayvon Martin was killed.

I am convinced that there is no place safe for an African-American male in this country. From Sanford, FL to Pasadena, CA young black men are NOT safe. I am very concerned at this juncture.  Now it appears that there was some criminal activity, per reports at this point-but who can really know the truth.  What is a fact, this young man was killed by 2 police officers. One actually shot from inside of his patrol car and the other one shot him on foot.  Allegedly he was reaching towards his waistline.  Interestingly enough, no weapon at all was found on this young man. What is even more shocking, allegedly Kendrec was the look-out man and not the one that actually committed the crime.  Yes, I am a forensic psychiatrist and I am aware that he would be considered an accomplice.

However, get this they allegedly stole a laptop computer and backpack.  Was that worth the exchange of this young man’s life? I don’t think so! America-Black America is about to explode. Now below you will hear the 911 caller.  It is obvious that he is lying.  His story changes several times and his descriptions make absolutely no sense.  I believe that he was arrested and bail has been set.

Pasadena is on fire right now.  Moreover, the community feels that without their pressure, there would have been no arrest made at all.  The other youth, from my understanding, has been arrested and duly charged. However, what is wrong with America now? All I can saw is mothers and fathers, hide your young black sons.  This is scary.

Listen to the 911 call below and tell me what you think.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Can you tell that the victim is lying without a forensics degree?
  2. Did you notice how the caller’s story changed several times during the call?
  3. Should the caller be charged with murder?
  4. Is it safe for young Black Boys to go the library to use the internet in America?
  5. Are we on the brink of a real live Civil War?

America, I am afraid.  The unrest in Black America is at an all time high.  Zimmerman is free and has not even being charged.   Oscar Carillo, the liar from Pasadena I hear is being held on a $25,000.00 bond. This has to stop. How much more can we take? We will continue to allow them to kill our young Black Men? Is this an attempt at Genocide? Is the world coming to an end?

All of the above questions I am sure are trigger points for you. I have been getting some feedback, but readers I REALLY need to hear from you.  There is no justice in the land right now. I am even afraid to walk in my own neighborhood at this time.  I threw away all of my hoodies now I guess I should discard my backpacks.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the 911 call above.

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