Think Like a Man: Best Movie of the YEAR SO FAR!!

Last night I had the opportunity to see the first opening show of Think Like a Man here in Atlanta, Georgia.  Before the movie started we were interrupted by main actor Kevin Hart who walked in surprisingly and gave an announcement.  He passed out autographed posters of the movie and brought his celebrity friends Tyrese Gibson and Idris Elba.  All 3 of them begged the audience to use every social media platform we had to help market the movie because they personally felt it was a great movie.  Great marketing stunt if you ask me.

The film is based on the best selling novel Think Like a Man written by Steve Harvey.  It is composed of 4 female actress (Megan Good, Taraji P. Henson, Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union, and Wendy Williams) and 4 male actors (Terrence J., Kevin Hart, Romany Malco, Jerry Ferrara, and Michael Ealy).  Talk about a loaded cast, not to mention several other celebrity cameos.  I believe most people had the impression that this was another African American movie but the cast was very diverse.

The movie circumscribes the lives of 8 different people and the different types of relationships they have as well as the roles they play in their relationships: See Below


Player: Cant keep his “you know what” in his pants.  Jumps from pillar to post searching for the next hot thing.

Mamas Boy: Can not seemingly keep a girl because he puts his mom first.

Divorcee: Continues to go back and forth with his ex-wife.  On again and off again.

Afraid to commit: Been with his female friend for years and will not pop the question.

Married: Knows when and what not to do in his relationship.  At home by 9 and plays by all the rules.


Independent Woman: Famous quotes “I dont Need a man”.  Pays her own bills. Perfect credit, successful professional, and lonely.

Baby Mama: Single parent afraid to date and expose their child to  multiple people.

Waiting For Commitment: Hoping that her man will one day commit.

Floozy: Will hop in the bed on the first night and wakes up to an empty bed every morning.


It was very interesting to watch their lives unfold as they used Steve Harvey’s book Think Like a Man as a guide to play the game of “Relationships”.  I am sure many of you all will enjoy this movie and NO it is not a Chick Flick.  So GO CHECK IT OUT and let me know what you think…

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