Vaginal Bleaching Cream: The Ultimate Insult to Women of Color!

This was terrible an introduction of a so-called “vaginal bleaching cream!”   I  was floored!  There are actually several different brands of this cream for those of you, like me, who did not know about this foolishness.  I am sure that when many of you check out this post you should be infuriated. I polled a couple of my female friends and they assured me that they will NOT be using any such agent or cream. What will people come-up with next to insult people of color?   Is this some new phenomena that has somehow leaked into the African-American community?   Have we all missed something?  The last I heard was Black, and I mean all black,  is beautiful.  Who ever heard of isolating body parts with bleaching designation.  I am hoping that my readers will go to the site and leave some powerful words for the creator(s) of such products.

It is a very slick ad and if you are not quick and don’t pay close attention you will miss the insults. First off, they use coffee and its color to gain the initial imagery. Who would or could possibly have a coffee colored vaginal area? Now if you are of Caucasian descent and your vagina is coffee colored, you should go immediately to the emergency room. Next, I guess they are trying to set the mood between the lady and her gentlemen caller. I really can’t figure this one out. I am wondering does she run to the restroom before or after foreplay to bleach her vagina. The bleaching of the skin, no matter how you slice it takes more than 40 seconds. That is the total time of this video. Check out this video and let me hear your response.

I have  to be fair and let you know that I got this tip from BlackMediaScoop! The women that visit this site are upset and they should be as this mess. This is the one time, if ever, readers you need to respond.  We need to ban together and get these products off of the market.  To me this is an insult to All women of color-not just Blacks. I usually don’t write post this short but I had to say something on this issue.

Women of color across the world have expressed outrage over this foolishness. Of course Indian Women are leading the way and they should because I surmise that the nationality of the woman, in the ad, is of Indian Descent.

  1. What are the psychological implications of an ad such as this to young women of color across the world?
  2. Is there are assumption that darker-skinned women need a PH balanced  intimate wash product?
  3. Why was coffee used to provide the  initial imagery?
  4. Is this offensive to you and other women of color?
  5. Are you angry enough to go to their site and leave your remarks?

Sometimes we can afford to read a post and NOT respond, but this time-NOT the case. Feel free to leave a remark/comment on this blog and sound-off if your are really offended.

To find out more about this cream go to Clean and Dry Intimate Wash!

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