Junior Seau was Found Dead Age 43: Commits Suicide

Seau’s mother shouted and screamed “TAKE ME, NOT MY SON”, in a recent media interview.  Everyone could feel her pain.  No mother wants to bury their own child.

According to the LA Times News Former football star Junior Seau sent text messages to his children and ex-wife saying he loved them,  a day before he was found fatally wounded in what police are investigating as a suicide.

Many believe Junior may have suffered from the same condition as  Duerson (Chicago Bears Player who committed suicide). Duerson suffered from a neurodegenerative disease linked to concussions, and that played a role in triggering his depression. Medical Examiners have requested they be able to examine Juniors brain to determine if he suffered from blunt trauma to the brain.

Junior’s ex-wife Seau stated in a recent interview that she definitely believes he suffered from brain injuries.  Many physicians believe that there is a direct correlation with the brain injuries and Junior’s depression.  Hopefully some insight into this unfortunate situation will be gained by allowing the examiners to investigate possible brain injuries.

  • What do you think lead Junior to committing suicide?
  • Is Football becoming a dangerous sport?
  • Do you think the family should allow the medical examiners to investigate his brain injuries?

If you are suffering from depression be sure to contact your local psychiatrist immediately.  There is always help available.

Dr. O

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