Looking for Mr./Ms. Right in All the Wrong Places

Are you a bug-a-boo? You know the type: individuals that after a brief encounter proclaim their love for you. This is a surefire way to stay single and possible catch a case for stalking.

These are just a few examples of a lonely person’s erotic behavior, there is still hope. Now you may not be this extreme but a level head always prevails. So, if you are tired of coming home night after night to the hum of your refrigerator, the purrs of a kitten, the yaps of your dog or the whispers of your air conditioner, here are some ways to change your single status:

Rid of the fear that you will never find a mate. Understand that fear is false evidence appearing real. Being alone for the rest of your life in not real.

Take action. Get out and start meeting new and interesting people. Staying home staring at your family and/or your pets will not do the trick.  What’s the chances of Mr./Mrs. Right knocking on your door right now asking to borrow some sugar?  Not likely.

Be open-minded – let’s face it, you may expect to be with a rich and famous man or women that has it going on. Unfortunately, chances are they are not hanging in your neck of the woods. And you idea of the perfect mate may be changing even as you read this – be open to the wide range of possibilities – you never know what awaits you around the corner.

Live life on purpose – if you are consumed with finding someone so that you no longer have to be alone, you will continue to be alone. Go out and enjoy your life. Work on your shortcomings and begin scratching items off of your bucket list. But this requires you to enjoy spending time with yourself, first.

Instead of letting loneliness consume you, take control of the situation. Have no fear, enjoy this journey called life rather than fighting and resisting where we are simply enjoy the moment – your loneliness will melt away and your life will begin to change for the better right before your eyes.

This time is meant for you to become one with yourself again.  This is the time where you handle all feelings that you’ve had from your past relationships and put them away for good.  How can you expect to yield different results by doing the same thing?  That is the definition of a crazy person!  You have to resist yourself from feeling down and out and begin to feel appreciative for life.  You can’t expect someone to fall in love you if you aren’t in love with yourself.  I mean, come on, there’s SO many great opportunities out in the world you just have to look for them.

Can you share with others how you’ve successfully overcome your feelings of loneliness?  I’m pretty sure someone out there can learn from your words of wisdom.  Help someone and write a comment below saying what you’ve learned through this period of your life.


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