The New Trend: White People With Black and Asian Babies!!

So apparently the “White people with black babies” fad is not OVER?  This phenomenon really took off after the movie “Losing Isaiah” featuring Halle Berry premiered in 1995.  This movie highlighted the love of a white family who took on the responsibility of adopting a baby whose mother was addicted to drugs.

Watch the trailer below:

Angelina Jolie was the trail blazer with the new trend of adopting ethnic children.  It was almost like she took a piece of every country she visited…LITERALLY!

Rising numbers of American families are adopting children from different countries and races as they copy celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna.  Some 40 per cent of adoptions in the U.S. now involve children who are of a different ethnicity than the parents, a study has found.  Among children from other countries adopted by American parents, eight in 10 are the offspring of two or more races. Read More:


There are several things that you have to take into consideration when adopting outside of your race: Here is one main issue…

Racial Discrimination issues:  Regardless of your skin complexion every race has stereotypes that are associated with them.  Along with those stereotypes come racial discrimination.  If you are not of the same race it becomes difficult  to identify and understand the differences and foresee possible opposition.

Questions to Ponder:

What other issues do you feel may come into play when adopting outside of your race?

Does it matter what race the child is as long as they are receiving proper care?

How do you console a black child being called a “Nigger” as a white parent?

How do you teach a child about their own culture and their race’s historical significance?


Let me know what you think,

Dr. O



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