Usher Bursts into Tears While On The Stand

Usher Raymond, a grammy winning R & B artist, was in Atlanta yesterday for the custody battle of his two children with Tameka Raymond.  Usher gets emotional while talking about the situation that occurred at his ex-wife’s home.

Usher was bringing back his son to Tameka’s house when all hell broke loose.  After Usher handed over the kid and proceeded to walk back to his car, Tameka noticed that Usher had parked down the hill and she was wondered why.  When she asked Usher, he responded, “You should turn around and go in the house.  The children are in there unattended.”  Tameka rebutted, “The children are fine. Why did you park down the hill?”

As Usher proceeds to his car, Tameka notices that Grace Miguel, former friend and well known mistress, was in the passenger seat.  Tameka lost it and attempted to pound on former side chick, ex-friend, turnt main chick, turnt “manager”.  Usher then gets out of the car and stands in between the two as Tameka spits and pulls the door open to reach Grace.  After Usher breaks it up and returns to his car to leave the scene, Tameka throws a plate full of food at his car.

If we stop here we can see that this situation has gone too far!  But.. who was in the wrong?  Although Usher was bringing back the children and he’s allowed to have whomever he’d like in his car, was he being spiteful?  He has to know that Tameka still has feelings for him and she will forever be the mother of his children!  Usher has also made it known that Tameka has a violent history, so why would he bring this woman to her home?  Or is Tameka overreacting?  They were married in 2007, divorced in 2009, and today is 2012.  When is it safe to get over it? LOL

Another problem with this situation is that Usher didn’t really try to stop Tameka until AFTER she got to the car.  Yes, these are adults and things should be handled differently, but when Usher saw that Tameka was trailing behind him as he walked to his car, a thought had to have come up in his head saying “oh SHxT!”  Knowing that something is 98.7% to go down, why does he get into his car and NOT pull off?  That confuses me, he was going to do one of two things.  Walk to the driver’s seat, get in, and pull off OR walk over to the passenger’s side with Tameka and stop the altercation altogether.  He did both, and neither of them succeeded!  That is crazy.

This whole family feud is over the custody battle of the kids.  Usher is an artist and will be on the road frequently.  This leaves no time for soccer games and recitals.  Allegedly, Tameka isn’t a fit parent either because she has raging anger problem.  Usher says that he doesn’t like the fact that Tameka continues to switch nannies and he doesn’t know who is taking care of his kids, making him uncomfortable.  I feel like this battle is tit-for-tat.  They have so much anger towards each other, that they use the children as leverage just like the average divorce case.  But the question still remains: who should have full custody of the two boys?

Leave me a comment below discussing what direction you think this case should go.

Dr. O

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