Woah! Miley Cyrus Shows Major Cleavage On The Red Carpet!

Pop star, Miley Cyrus, seems to be growing up so fast.  The teenager featured in the show “Hannah Montana” on Disney Channel focuses on a girl who had to switch between her star and normal-life identities.  19 year-old Miley continues to show the world that she is not that little kid anymore by wearing a HOT MAMA get up at the Billboard Music Award’s on Sunday night.   The teen’s risque outfit consisted nothing more than a white blazer, a necklace, and a beautiful smile.

The teenager showed A LOT of cleavage with a new short do and a nose ring to set it off!  Some say it was a tad bit much, but Miley thought it was just enough!

Check out her video “Can’t Be Tamed” below to see the transformation from hollywood’s sweetheart into womanhood.



The issue that we would like to address is: What message are we sending our younger children.  In today’s society women have enough trouble with maintaining control over their sexuality.  Without the help of poor role models.  How do we as a society regain this control?  Women are constantly being referred to as B**ches and Hoes.

It all starts with SELF RESPECT.  Young women are not taught self respect.  Hence when they are called out of their name or referred to in a negative context they are not even aware that they are being disrespected.  Self respect is not an innate behavior characteristic but rather learned behavior.   These young women need to be taught how to demand respect.

Tell me what you think about this out of control issue,


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