3 “Women” Booted From Basketball Wives

So the “Basketball Wives” show has been falling off for a while now, but things seem to be dwindling down even faster now that three ladies have been cut from the show.

Dwyane Wade’s babymama and professional dancer, Royce Reed, won’t be returning.  Obviously, VH1 has had it with the threats from Wade’s team to Royce in not bashing his name on national television!  He made it clear to her and in court, that she was not allowed to talk about him or his relations with her.  He issued a gag order in 2009.  And if she can’t discuss her relations with her “Basketball spouse”, it kind of voids her from the show… right?  In addition to that, the other girls decided to turn on her, so couldn’t shoot scenes with the other ladies anymore.  I could only imagine Dwayne jumping for joy right about now!  Or maybe not, because he’s got him a new hottie, Gabrielle Union!  Hmmm.

Jennifer Williams, ex-wife of basketball star Eric Williams, was also dealing with legal issues.   Except she was on the other side of the fence.  Things began spiraling out of control for this preppy barbie doll when she decided to file for divorce.  Of course, the couple had their heated arguments and one day ERIC LOST IT!  He threw a glass on Jennifer saying, “It’s a new day!  You better wake the f*** up!”  DANG!

Jennifer’s mouth has been getting her in so much trouble.  It has turned her best friend of three years against her, Evelyn Lozada, also a “Basketball Wives” star.  Evelyn was on hot water with her friend because she began dating Chad “Ocho Cinco” in the most recent season.  When Evelyn heard that she was doing interviews and lying in her face about bashing her name on blogs and such, Eve went ham!  It seemed like everytime the show came on, Eve was trying to fight this girl and somebody had to hold her!  Things were bizarre.  So, Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife and babymama of Shaquille O’Neal, decided to boot Jen, too.  She obviously got tired of her B.S. and it was a big liability to keep Jen after Nia Crooks for slapping her during one of their brawls on the show.

Finally, Keisha Nichols got the axe too.  The only explanation for her was… TOO BORING!!  The only excitement she brought to the show was when Tami and her were arguing…. and even then she said nothing!  Shaunie isn’t going to pay you for nothing, you’ve got to go!

Royce, Jennifer, and Keisha will all be replaced next season, but its not confirmed who will be taking their places yet.

A VH1 rep told TMZ, “We don’t comment on casting until everything is final. Thanks for checking in.”

Many viewers think the show should be cut as a whole!  As it is a cancer on society.  Viewers say that the all the women do is curse, fight, and talk falsely about how they believe the society is.  Also, their reasons for relationships on the show (to get rich and famous) are all wrong, as relationships are to actually LOVE the other person.

Viewers have also commented that this has not changed anything.  They will not be tuning in next season because the biggest bullies (Evelyn and Tami) remain on the show, and they are not going to support their violence and Shaunie’s instigating ways.

What do you think?  Should Shaunie continue with next season or just call it quits because of the “bad name” it is giving black women?

Leave me know below!

Dr. O

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