Chris Brown Fights Drake’s Entourage

The two artists seem to be getting more ‘cattier’ as the days roll on.  Chris Brown and Drake got into a fight last night at a NYC club, WIP.

Chris Brown has been very angry with Drake ever since Rihanna allegedly cheated with Drake during her relationship with Chris.  Since then, rumors have been floating around that Drake and Rihanna have hooked up again!  WOW!

Last night at the nightclub, reports show that fists were being thrown from the two entourages of Chris Brown and Drake.  Not only were there fists, but glass was thrown everywhere.  Reportedly, Drake threw a bottle at Chris Brown and left a huge gash on his chin.  Later Chris Brown uploaded a photo, which is included below (caution: graphic), on twitter with a mind-blowing message.

“How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

Not only did Drake knock out Chris Brown but he also injured some innocent bystanders!  Some of which posted pictures of their cuts and bruises on twitter as well.

Global Grind reported that the tension occurred after Chris sent a bottle over to Drake’s table.  The YMCMB rapper, Drake, then sent a note to Chris Brown confronting him and arguing about Rihanna (with an extra push from rapper Meek Mill).  The note said “I’m f***ing the love of your life, deal with it.”  LOL!  Reportedly Drake punched him and threw a bottle at him before Chris could hit back!

Picture of the club afterwards:

This is beyond me though because Drake is one of THE softest rappers out.  He wouldn’t smash a fly and now he’s slapping around people.  Maybe it was some of that liquid courage that he was sipping on that night at the club.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the trio has been in a feud over Rihanna.  Chris Brown exchanged a couple of words via Twitter with Drake and Meek Mills over his ex-girlfriend.  The girl who he seems to NOT love anymore?… right.

NYPD got the call of the brawl around 4 or 5 a.m. and when they arrived at the scene neither artists were there.  Police said that there were no critical injuries, only bruises, bumps, and lacerations, making it no need to arrest anyone.  HOWEVER, that type of violence is not acceptable.

Shame on both of you fellas!  How can you fight over a female that Chris Brown obviously doesn’t want anymore after the whole “woman-beater” Rihanna-incident years back?  That leads me to suspect that Chris Brown’s new girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, is merely a cover?  Although Chris claims to be madly in love with the petite model, he makes the world think that his feelings for Rihanna are unbearable.  Evidently, he couldn’t keep his anger under control before… so why would it change now?

Some where there is a video of the fight and Chris Brown doesn’t want it to surface the web.  And he’s willing to pay $2 million to keep it on the down low.

What do you think?  Is Chris Brown upset that the whole world (himself, Meek Mill, Drake, Jay-Z.. etc. etc.) has hooked up with his precious lover Rihanna?  OR did the brawl happen over the disrespect from Drake?

I have an idea which one I think it is!

Leave me a comment of your thoughts below!

Dr. O

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