Creflo Dollar Arrested for Simple Battery! Truth or Lie?

UPDATE: 19 June 2012

The 911 audio tape has been released.  Lasting roughly 5 minutes, the daughter accuses her father, Pastor Creflo Dollar, of choking her.  She responded, “This isn’t the first time” and that she felt threatened.  Take a listen below!

The following Sunday after Dollar’s arrest, he addresses his congregation and says that the allegations are a lie.  Quoting the bible, Dollar wished ill on people who spoke against him, even his daughters.

“Malicious witnesses testify against me,” he said, reading from Psalms 35 in the Old Testament. “They accuse me of crimes I know nothing about … May those who rejoice in my discomfort be humiliated and disgraced.”

However, despite the negativity displayed publicly, he insists that “all is well in the Dollar household.”

Dollar was taken into custody on charges of simple battery and child cruelty.  He posted a $5,000 bond the next day, Friday.

He said, “The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional, emotions got involved, and things escalated from there.”  Adding, “The truth is, she was not choked, she was not punched.”

He believes, “I should have never been arrested.  Never!’  He also assured to his congregation that the facts in the case would come to light.



2 a.m. on June 8th, Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested for simple battery charges in Fayette County.

A judge set his Dollar’s bond at $5,000 at a morning hearing.

One of the many great Pastors in Atlanta, allegedly choked his out-of-control teenage daughter, Lauren Dollar.  The two were arguing because Lauren wanted to go to a party and wasn’t allowed to.  Moments later, the police was at their home and made the arrest.

This isn’t Pastor Creflo Dollar’s first time running into the negative media light.  Regardless, he is a Man of God and we support him!

Pastor Creflo Dollar is founder and senior pastor at World Changers Church located in College Park.  The church has nearly 30,000 members and his services are broadcast across the country.  Hopefully, this incident will not hinder him from his calling.  His church, and the world, needs his services.

My question is why is there so much turmoil in the world?  What is going on?  First, we have 12 and 13-year old girls being pregnant!  Then, we move to wars all over the world.  The economy falls and the unemployment rate continues to increase.  Then we have naked men eating homeless men faces off and a “Zombie Apocalypse” on the rise.  And now we find our Men of God being arrested for simple battery charges.  What’s next?  People rising from the dead and asking for drinks of water?  Oh, well that happened already!  Take a look ( )

Changes needs to happen, and it needs to happen quick!  The uprising generation is totally untamed and its starting to affect the world tremendously.  What do you think we should do from here?  Is there a way to start over before things REALLY get out of hand?

I’m curious to know what you think!  Leave your comments below.

Dr. O

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