Evander Holyfield Faces Jail Time For Outrageous Back Child Support Payments

Evander Holyfield could be facing some jail time for not paying his child support.  The check is a whopping $372,097.40!  Goodness!  His daughter, Emani Holyfield, is now 18-years old and will be represented by the GA. Department of Human Services in court.

The DHS claims to be tired of playing the waiting game.  They are requesting the judge to lock him up and garnish his wages until he catches up on his child support.  He has not paid a dime since April 2010, which is utterly ridiculous if I might add. Two whole years?

Holyfield is far from the first to be having trouble with paying their child support.  Many boxers and wrestlers can relate to his pain.  Former wrestler, Ricky Morton, was arrested in 2005 for being behind on his child support payments up to $73,000 for his six kids.  Also, Paul Perschmann, known as “Playboy Buddy Rose”, was significantly behind in his payments.  His child was born in 1977, and his ex-wife claims that he hasn’t coughed up a cent.  Perschmann’s name was placed on a horrifying list.  In order to make the list, men had to be at least six months behind in payments.  Perschmann allegedly owed more than $36,000!

One problem that I have is that males are starting to become lazy when it comes to taking care of their children.  I know the saying “If takes two to make, then if takes two to raise” is a little cliché, but it is the truth!  Men are so comfortable nowadays with making babies and walking out, that there is no more pressure to stay and help raise the child.  The fact that many guys have more than one babymama, doesn’t help.

Regardless of race, sending that type of message cannot continue.  Eventually, it would be accepted to have children that you don’t take care of.  Putting all of the responsibilities on the mother, which would be a big burden to bear.  Finding a way to provide shelter, food, transportation, and still find a way to balance their on lives would be close to impossible!

I am not one to simply focus on the negative, there are many great fathers to their children.  And for that they deserve that “Greatest Dad” cup for Father’s Day!  Whether girl or boy, every child needs their father in their life.  Check out the video below of a nice father-daughter dance.  Be sure to watch the whole video, there’s two!



If you have the best dad, leave your comments below showing your appreciation!

Dr. O

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