Ongoing Search For Doctor Accused Of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend

Doctor found dead near home from putting the same weapon (a .357 Magnum) to his head.

Before his suicide, he had withdrawn large sums of money and given friend’s gifts.

He left no suicide note.


Police say the doctor, accused of shooting and killing a receptionist he dated, is still on the loose!  The former couple were both employed at the Erie County Medical Center.

Officials say that they have issued a nationwide alert to law enforcements agencies of a surgeon out of Buffalo.

Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda said on Thursday that officials don’t think that the suspect, 49-year-old Dr. Timothy Jorden, had crossed the border to a neighboring city, Ontario.  Derenda adds that evidence shows that Dr. Jorden had carefully thought of an escape plan prior to the fatal shooting.

The search for the doctor began on Wednesday after Jacqueline Wisniewski, 33 years old, was found dead in a stairwell at the hospital around 8:15 a.m.  They instantly believed that the shooting was not a random act.  Officials linked Jorden to Wisniewski’s murder after they found out that the two had been dating and recently broken up.

They searched for four hours all over the hospital while a sheriff’s department helicopter hovered over the hospital for two hours before departing.  There was no sign of Jorden.  They then took the search to his home near Lake Eire, where police in camouflage and unmarked SUV’s blocked a road to the home.  They searched the home for nine hours and still came up missing.  All vehicles registered to the doctor and former US Army Weapons Expert were accounted for at his half-million dollar home.

Police have warned that Jorden may be armed and is to be considered dangerous.

His description: a black  male, bald, about 6 foot- 2 inches and weighs approximately 250 pounds.  He has received his license to practice medicine in New York for the past decade.  He has obtained his medical degree from University of Buffalo and has trained at the Madigan Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.  He received his certification in 2004 from the American Board of Surgery.

In high school, Jorden joined the national guard and after graduation went into the Army.  He served with the Army’s Special Forces, first as a weapon’s expert, then as a medic in the Caribbean, Japan, and Korea.

A friend of Wisniewki’s said she used to live with Jorden but left because she suspected him having an affair with other women.  Heather Shipley said, “When they broke up, he wouldn’t let go.”

Jorden reportedly also put a GPS tracking device on her car and once held her captive in her home for a day and a half, wielding a knife around, according to local reports.

Shipley added, “She told me if anything happened to her, that it was him.”

Jorden’s colleagues reported that he had been acting strange recently by avoiding eye contact and basic communication.

Hmmm.. this is a rough case.  It seems as though Jorden went into depression after his break up with Wisniewsky.  He than thought of ways to get rid of her (obviously shooting and killing her) and finally evacuate, which he is currently executing his plans now.  Although, it seems to be very well thought out, there has to be mistakes somewhere down the line.

If Jorden is found alive, should be be charged with murder or should he be found not guilty by pleading insanity.

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Dr. O

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